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  [1]   From:    Martin Wynne <martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk>                   (66)
        Subject: Call for papers: CLARIN, Standards and the TEI

  [2]   From:    IDEA <info at ideaenglish.org>                               (78)
        Subject: Call for papers  - In Medias Res: Uses of Narrative in
                English Language Studies     / Kyrenia, North Cyprus

        Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 12:26:26 +0100
        From: Martin Wynne <martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk>
        Subject: Call for papers: CLARIN, Standards and the TEI

Call for workshop papers


Pre-conference workshop at the Text Encoding Initiative Conference
Rome, Monday 30th September 2013
Workshop website: http://www.clarin.eu/TEI-CLARIN-Workshop-2013
Conference website: http://digilab2.let.uniroma1.it/teiconf2013/
Address for submissions: martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk

The keynote speaker for the workshop will be Dr. Alexander Geyken of the 
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (BBAW).


Call for papers issued: 28.6.13
Deadline for submissions: 31.7.13
Authors informed of acceptance of proposals: 14.8.13
Registration deadline for conference: to be confirmed (registration not 
yet open)
Workshop date: 30.9.13

CLARIN is a pan-European initiative which aims to build a research 
infrastructure for language resources integrating numerous tools and 
resources in a distributed architecture, and which will respond to the 
needs of researchers across the humanities and social sciences. CLARIN 
is being built on open standards, but also with a recognition that 
standards and guidelines are only one part of a complex jigsaw which 
needs to be assembled to create reliable, durable and high quality 
services. The Text Encoding Initiative is a long-standing community 
which develops guidelines for the encoding of scholarly texts in XML, 
and works with associated technologies. This workshop aims to bring 
together those involved in these two sets of activities to share 
experiences and knowledge, and to find ways to work together 
productively in the next generation of infrastructure services.

The organizing committee of this workshop invite proposals for 
presentations on topics which link together CLARIN and the TEI, including:
- the role of the TEI in developing standards for CLARIN services,
- technical issues in the integration of TEI-conformant resources or 
TEI-aware tools in CLARIN services,
- barriers and problems with the deployment and linking of CLARIN and 
TEI technologies,
- training, awareness and advocacy activities.
Presenters will be asked not to simply present an overview of their 
work, but to focus on precisely how, why (or why not) TEI formats, 
guidelines and technologies are being deployed, and to go into some 
technical detail to do this.

It is hoped that this will be only the start of promoting dialogue and 
collaboration between CLARIN and the TEI at many levels. One result 
would be an improved dialogue about the use of the TEI in higher-level 
initiatives to develop standards for the CLARIN architecture, but 
another would be enhanced engagement directly with the TEI community of 
developers and researchers in the many centres and institutions related 

Format of proposals

Proposals should be between 500 and 1000 words, in a text document, and 
should be sent to martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk. Proposals should contain a 
title and the names and affiliations of all authors.

Full details of the call can be found at 

Martin Wynne
IT Services, University of Oxford
Oxford e-Research Centre
The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics
Director of User Involvement, CLARIN ERIC

Oxford e-Research Centre
7 Keble Road
UK - OX1 3QP

martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk

        Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 18:55:06 +0000
        From: IDEA <info at ideaenglish.org>
        Subject: Call for papers  - In Medias Res: Uses of Narrative in English Language Studies     / Kyrenia, North Cyprus    

Call for papers

In Medias Res: Uses of Narrative in English Language Studies

International Interdisciplinary Conference
Kyrenia, North Cyprus
September, 26-27 2013

Conference Website: http://ideaenglish.org/conference
Keynote Speakers
Prof. Dr. Theodore Rodgers USA; Prof. Dr. Kutlay Yağmur Netherlands; Prof.
Dr. Mehmet Demirezen Turkey; Bill Bowler UK

International Departments of English Association (IDEA) is pleased to
announce: In Medias Res: Uses of Narrative in English Language Studies, an
international interdisciplinary conference for language teachers,
translators and literary scholars to be held in Kyrenia in collaboration
with Near East University, on September 26th and 27th, 2013. The symposium
aims to discuss the narrative aspect of English Language Teaching in
conjunction with Literary and Translation Studies. The narrative of
“participating” in language studies is often non-linear, disjointed and
disrupted. Every attempt to “read”, “teach,” “learn” or to
“translate” has a different trajectory, with multiple points of
departure, multiple story-lines and multiple potential endings. Individual
narratives converge with preceding ones and are shaped by other
participators, teachers, learners, researchers and writers. Each scholarly
intersection results in an alternative narrative that would not otherwise be
possible. In this sense, every textual beginning in language studies, be it
in person, in the classroom or on paper, inevitably starts from a/the

By focusing on the issue of narrative, we seek to provide a forum for the
investigation of the various dimensions of language teaching and learning
practices within different cultural and social contexts. We also invite
reflection on the ways in which narrative is addressed in various literary
and cultural texts, past and present.

By focusing this issue on identity, Inquire seeks to provide a forum for the
investigation The conference aims to bring together scholars from all
disciplines and intellectual orientations. Submissions may include, but are
not limited to, an exploration of the following topics: narratology –
communication studies - linguistics - subjecthood  – semantics –
pragmatics –  speech acts – translation theory – language learning
theories – language teaching methodology – teaching strategies and
styles –innovative approaches – blended-hybrid instruction – discourse
analysis –constructivism –  sociolinguistics- semiotics –

Please email your proposal, including a 300 word abstract (with title),
institutional affiliation, a short biography (which should not exceed 100
words) and AV requirements to Dr. Asliye Dagman, Department of English
Language and Literature, Near East University:
a.dagman at ideaenglish.org<mailto:a.dagman at ideaenglish.org>. All papers
presented at the conference will be considered for: 1) a monograph to be
published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 2) online publication in a
special proceedings issue of IJED (International Journal of English
Departments) in April 2014, a peer reviewed journal.

Deadline for submission of Abstracts by: August 02, 2013

Notification begins in early June for all abstracts received by the 1st of
May and in early July for all abstracts received after this date.

Before 1st September 2013:Non-Members: €130
Members and Students: €100
After 1st September 2013:
Non-Members: €160
 Members and Students: €120

Registration includes refreshments and lunch on Thursday and Friday.
Full-board accommodation is available at Acapulco Resort & Convention & Spa
for an additional €150 for both nights, payable to IDEA during
registration. For further details please visit:

Please note that IDEA is a non-profit association dedicated to the study of
English Language, Literature and Translation Studies. We regret to inform
potential participants that we are not in a position to assist with
conference travel or accommodation costs.

Guidelines for Submissions

The working language of the conference is English.

Each participant will be allocated 20 minutes for presentation plus 10
minutes for questions and/or discussion. Endnotes and Bibliographic
citations should follow the APA style. We welcome joint presentations,
however, we ask that at least one of the authors is present at the
convention. We enthusiastically encourage submissions from graduate
students, as well as faculty. We look forward to reading your submissions.

Warm wishes,
Dr. Asliye Dagman
Conference Website: http://ideaenglish.org/conference

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