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        Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 12:43:16 +0100
        From: "Veronica Johansson" <Veronica.Johansson at hb.se>
        Subject: Two new issues of Human IT

Dear all,
Two new issues of Human IT, 11.2 and 12.1, are now available.
11.2 is a thematic issue containing a collection of state-of-the-art
Nordic perspectives on information literacies research and
conceptualisations, all written in English and overseen and introduced
by our two guest editors Anna Hampson Lundh and Jenny Lindberg: 
12.1 is a regular issue that nonetheless displays a strong thematic
relationship among its contributions in that all are concerned with
forms and functions of ICT mediated communication and written in Swedish
- with notable exception for Isto Huvila's in-depth review in English of
the anthology "Paradata and Transparency in Virtual Heritage:
Wishing you many joyful readings,
Veronica Johansson, editor Human IT
---11.2 Information literacies theme issue, Table of contents:---
* Anna Hampson Lundh & Jenny Lindberg
Information Literacies: Concepts, Contexts and Cultural Tools.
Introduction to the Special Issue of Human IT. [Open section]
* Camilla Moring
Newcomer Information Practice: Negotiations on Information Seeking in
and Across Communities of Practice. [Open section]
* Anna Lundh, Birgitta Davidsson & Louise Limberg
Talking About the Good Childhood: An Analysis of Educators’ Approaches
to School Children’s Use of ICT. [Open section]
* Jan Nolin
Learning Technologies that Are Not Meant for Learning: A Critical
Discussion of Learning Objects. [Refereed section]
* Louise Limberg, Olof Sundin & Sanna Talja
Three Theoretical Perspectives on Information Literacy. [Open section]
* Mikael Alexandersson & Louise Limberg
Changing Conditions for Information Use and Learning in Swedish
Schools: A Synthesis of Research. [Open section]
---12.1 Table of contents:---
* Editorial
* Claus Persson
Dialog- och diskussionssamhällen: socialt entreprenörskap och IKT för
en alternativ samhällsform [Societies of Dialogue and Discussion: Social
Entrepreneurship and ICT for an Alternative Form of Society]. [Open
* Lotta Collin
Ett decennium av webbdiskussion: en jämförande analys av interaktionen
i två diskussionsforum på webben 2001, 2006 och 2011 [A Decade of Web
Discussion: A Comparative Analysis of the Interaction in Two Discussion
Fora on the Web 2001, 2006 and 2011] . [Refereed section]
* Amelie Hössjer
Sammanbunden närvaro: om umgänge på distans och medieväxling mellan
familjemedlemmar [Connected Presence: On Interaction across Distance and
Media Exchange among Family Members]. [Refereed section]
* Isto Huvila
The Unbearable Complexity of Documenting Intellectual Processes:
Paradata and Virtual Cultural Heritage Visualisation [The Unbearable
Complexity of Documenting Intellectual Processes: Paradata and Virtual
Cultural Heritage Visualisation]. [Book

Veronica Johansson
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