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  [1]   From:    Lisa Spiro <lisamspiro at gmail.com>                         (69)
        Subject: Deadline for Anvil's Built Upon CFP extended

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                <editor at jdces.org>
        Subject: CFP: Journal of DigitalCulture and Electronic Scholarship 1

        Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 13:36:31 -0600
        From: Lisa Spiro <lisamspiro at gmail.com>
        Subject: Deadline for Anvil's Built Upon CFP extended

Anvil Academic, a digital publisher for the humanities, announces that the
deadline for proposals to its Built Upon series has been extended to January
31, 2013. The Built Upon series encourages authors to investigate and
invigorate pre-existing digital tools and collections in developing their
own scholarly arguments or pedagogical projects.

What we’re looking for
Our main focus is work–in whatever form–that is imaginative and
innovative in its approach to the possibilities of digital publication.
Such innovation can take place at the level of either form or content (or
both). For instance, a project might answer pressing questions about how
specific digital tools (say topic models or network visualizations) inform
critical inquiry writ large. Or they might deploy such tools to contribute
pioneering responses to core, field-specific discussions, or explore new
approaches to scholarly arguments that take advantage of the affordances of
digital publication.  We want the Built Upon series to be an incubator and
an accelerator of humanities innovation–a space where the craft, artistry,
and objective rigor of humanistic pursuits find new and surprising modes of expression.

Key themes and partners
We have identified three broad themes for Built Upon and have commitments
to participate from leading digital archives and web-based tools within
these clusters:

   - Civil War America: partners include Valley of the
Shadow http://valley.lib.virginia.edu/ ,
   Civil War Washington  http://civilwardc.org/ , The People’s
Contest http://peoplescontest.psu.edu/ and the University of Florida
Digital Collections’ Florida
   and the Civil War  http://ufdc.ufl.edu/wbts
   - 19th-Century Studies: partners include many of the
NINES http://www.nines.org/ federated projects, and the University of
Florida Digital Collections’ The
   Parkman Dexter Howe Library  http://ufdc.ufl.edu/howe1  and Baldwin
   Library of Historical Children’s Literature  http://ufdc.ufl.edu/juv
   - Classical Studies: partners include
Perseus http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/ ,
   ORBIS  http://orbis.stanford.edu/ , and Homer
Multitext http://www.homermultitext.org/

Contributors should "build upon" one or more digital collections*--including
but not limited to partner collections*.

Submission guidelines
Since we aim to expand the possibilities of digital scholarship, we are
open to any work that advances both traditional and digital scholarship and
breaks new ground in its use of digital collections.  We expect that
authors will make their own work open to commentary and discussion and
respond to other projects in the cluster.

In your 500-1000 word proposal, please *describe*:

   - the project’s argument and scholarly significance
   - digital collections/ tools you intend to use (and how you would like
   to use them)
   - anticipated audience
   - potential technical approaches

When evaluating submissions, reviewers will be looking for projects that:

   - define and develop emerging conversations within a field
   - offer a creative and critical contribution to the field, taking
   advantage of the capabilities of digital technologies to, for example,
   embed media, foster interactivity, facilitate commentary and conversation,
   enable readers to query and explore supporting evidence, and/or construct
   new structures for argumentation
   - advance interdisciplinary approaches and/or methodologies
   - employ innovative formats and appropriate technology
   - are feasible and sustainable

Please submit your proposal and CV(s) via email to Fred Moody, Anvil
editor, at fmoody at anvilacademic.org.

For more information about the Built Upon series, please see

Anticipated timeline

   - January 31, 2013: 500-1000 word proposal due
   - February 20, 2013: Review of proposals completed and authors notified
   of status of their proposals
   - May 20, 2013: Completed draft project due

        Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 18:47:53 +0000
        From: "Journal of Digital Culture & Electronic Scholarship" <editor at jdces.org>
        Subject: CFP: Journal of DigitalCulture and Electronic Scholarship 1

Dear Reviewers,

Please find attached a CFP for the first issue of the *Journal of Digital
Culture and Electronic Scholarship*. We would appreciate if you could
circulate this among relevant students and colleagues, and encourage
submissions. Of course - tweets, blog posts etc are also of use!

Submissions are also welcome from yourselves, but of course will be subject
to the same peer review process as standard contributors.

My hope is that we can all contribute to the building of a new
international and open platform for the dissemination of digital

Sincerest thanks,

*Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Scholarship*

Twitter: @jdces_updates  http://twitter.com/jdces_updates 

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