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        Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 04:28:36 -0500
        From: Patrick Durusau <patrick at durusau.net>
        Subject: Taming Text Released


/Taming Text/, by Grant S. Ingersoll, Thomas S. Morton, and Andrew L. 
Farris has been released by Manning Publications.


 From the publishers webpage:

> /Taming Text/is a hands-on, example-driven guide to working with 
> unstructured text in the context of real-world applications. This book 
> explores how to automatically organize text using approaches such as 
> full-text search, proper name recognition, clustering, tagging, 
> information extraction, and summarization. The book guides you through 
> examples illustrating each of these topics, as well as the foundations 
> upon which they are built.

Hope you are looking forward to a great weekend!


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