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        Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 12:12:14 -0500 (EST)
        From: drwender at aol.com
        Subject: Re:  26.659 XML &c

 Nick, you wrote
 "So I invite suggestions about how to deal with a collection of [23,000]
 manuscript images and their textual versions that is not XML and that 
 works now."Unknowing the goals of your actual? project, I presume that
 - in a first step you will transcribe only a sample of pages resp. significant portions of text
 - you understand as "textual versions" the final state per page (as defined f.e. by the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project)
 - you would like to find co-workers for attacking such an amount of materials (in awareness of the 'uptake' problem identified f.e. by Kathleen Fitzpatrock in "Planned Obsolescence")

then: I would suggest a repository of the "textual versions" as simple as Michael Hart's Project Gutenberg in the good old times of plain vanilla ascii. - Why not?

Greetings, Herbert


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