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        Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 16:39:52 +0100
        From: Neven_Jovanović <filologanoga at gmail.com>
        Subject: Galaxy in Your Hands

Regardless of how the end product looks like (not having Windows, I
wasn't able to check), the following software concept sounds quite
charmingly medieval.

All the best,

Neven Jovanovic
Zagreb, Croatia


Perceptual Computing Puts Galaxy in Your Hands

SoftKinetic's Solar System is an augmented reality demo where the user
appears to hold the entire universe within the palms of their hands.
Users can rotate and scale (zoom) the galaxy by moving both hands in
unison. With the sun as the center axis, users can rotate around the
galaxy by rotating their hands in any direction. Find out more about
this demo and others and share your thoughts and feedback in the
comments section on our story page.

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