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  [1]   From:    Wim Van-Mierlo <Wim.Van-Mierlo at SAS.AC.UK>                 (13)
        Subject: PhD Studentships through the Institute of English Studies

  [2]   From:    Seth van Hooland <svhoolan at ulb.ac.be>                     (18)
        Subject: PhD positions available for TIC-Belgium project

        Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 09:43:13 +0000
        From: Wim Van-Mierlo <Wim.Van-Mierlo at SAS.AC.UK>
        Subject: PhD Studentships through the Institute of English Studies

This message is for potential PhD students based in the UK with an interest in textual scholarship, scholarly editing and historical bibliography.  Through the School of Advanced Study, the Institute of English Studies is a member of the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP).  Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council London, LAHP offers up to 80 studentships for the academic year 2014-15.    Details about the competition are available from the website, at http://www.lahp.ac.uk/studentships.  The deadline is 31 January.

Candidates interested in applying can contact me in the first instance.  Please note that only UK/EU students are eligible to apply (though awards to EU students will be ‘fees only’).

Please circulate to anyone who may be interested.


Dr Wim Van Mierlo
Acting Director

Institute of English Studies
University of London
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU


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        Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 16:32:01 +0100
        From: Seth van Hooland <svhoolan at ulb.ac.be>
        Subject: PhD positions available for TIC-Belgium project

Dear colleagues,

For the project “Transnational Intellectual Cooperation (TIC) Belgium” we are currently looking for three PhD-students and one scientific collaborator.

Building on the latest innovations in digital humanities, network analysis, and elaborating a newly developed Virtual Research Environment for the study of international organizations, this project opens new perspectives on the history of social reform in the period 1815-1914, with a special emphasis on the Low Countries. The project shows the ways in which local and national welfare policies and legal regimes emerged in this period and demonstrates that such innovations were deeply embedded in transnational networks. Within this broader context, it focuses on the involvement of reformers from the Low Countries, and highlights their activities at home and abroad. The overall aim of the project is to demonstrate the interconnectedness of local activism, national reform agendas and the transnational circulation of ideas and practices related to welfare and legal reform, and to make an empirical contribution to the understanding of the transnational field of social and legal reform as both a social and discursive field. We aim to demonstrate this, firstly, by looking at the range and relative strength of domestic, national and transnational ties of a carefully selected focus group and secondly, by examining the framing of issues and ‘mental maps’ of the reformers in question, as these can be gleaned from reform discourses on social an legal change from the 19th century to the First World War.

The project is divided into four interrelated subprojects:

- PhD 1 en PhD 2 (Ghent University - Maastricht University): Networks of rooted cosmopolitans in the Low Countries (1815-1914)
- PhD 3 (Université Catholique Louvain): The international intellectual background of socio-legal reforms in Belgium: dynamics of success and failure. Prosopography, power positions and publications
- PhD 4 (Université libre de Bruxelles): Applying Linked Data principles in historical research (not vacant)
- Development of the Virtual Research Environment (Ghent University), archives inventory, coordination digitization and document processing (State Archives)

More information available on http://tic.ugent.be.

Seth van Hooland
Président du Master en Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (MaSTIC)
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 50 CP 123  | 1050 Bruxelles
0032 2 650 4765
Office: DC11.102

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