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        Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 15:07:28 +0100
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I agree that "Digitale Geisteswissenschaften" is long but the 'European 
Summer School in Digital Humanities "Culture & Technology"' is called in 
German 'Europäische Sommeruniversität in Digitalen Geisteswissenschaften 
"Kulturen & Technologien"'. This long denomination is used in every 
publication in German.

Best, Elisabeth

Am 14.12.2013 08:02, schrieb Humanist Discussion Group:
> That's quite easy.
> 1. "Digitale Geisteswissenschaften" even for Germans is too long and
> awkward as a label that you would have to utter twice a minute in a
> lecture or once a sentence in a text
> 2. I think we liked to keep the reference to the global community
> avoiding the impression that this could be a national thing or a "German
> Sonderweg"
> In fact, we used "Digitale Geisteswissenschaften" once for a brochure on
> study programs in DH - to have an even broader term that would span
> Digital Humanities and other denominations:
> http://www.cceh.uni-koeln.de/dh-degrees-2011 ,
> http://www.cceh.uni-koeln.de/Dokumente/BroschuereWeb.pdf
> Best, Patrick

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