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        Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 11:35:01 -0700
        From: John Simpson <john.simpson at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: CC 4.0

Hello fellow DHers,

Since so many projects in DH are now using Creative Commons licenses it should be noted here that as of last week the 4.0 license versions have been released. Why does this version matter?  According to the official email blurb:

More than any CC license before, Version 4.0 reflects the power of our global community. We have spent the past six years working with hundreds of volunteers worldwide — literally, some of the best minds in copyright law and open licensing on the planet — to translate and adapt CC licenses to local laws in more than 60 countries. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about how our licenses work internationally.

That is why Version 4.0 is the most internationally enforceable set of licenses to date. 4.0 won’t need to be adapted for use in every country. It just works. Everywhere.

There are other new bells and whistles, but that should be enough to catch your interest.

So, review your current licensing, visit the site to find out all the details on 4.0, and consider updating.  



John Simpson
Postdoctoral Fellow
INKE and Text Mining & Visualization for Literary History
University of Alberta

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