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        Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:30:44 +0100
        From: Neven_Jovanović <filologanoga at gmail.com>
        Subject: URIs for classics?


a question on a digital humanities related list -- it was about
pointing to precise line, scene, and act of Shakespeare's plays
somewhere on the internet -- got me thinking about "canonical" digital
versions of classical works in WWW.

What versions of the Bible, Dante, Goethe, Montaigne, Cervantes do you
know of, that have a system, or a scheme, enabling us to refer to
their passages from the outside? That make possible e. g. to let a
quotation in one text refer to a reliable manifestation of its source,
or to refer our students, or our readers, to a digital source of a
quotation we give them (e. g. in teaching materials published on the

Yes, I am aware that the "canonicality" of such a source would in many
aspects be a chimera, as well as its "reliably manifesting" a source.
But still, it would be nice to know that people have made their
digital editions URI-referrable.

I know that something along these lines exists for e. g. ancient Greek
and Latin literature, as "Citation URIs" and "Citation URNs" for
Perseus Digital Library texts. And the Internet Shakespeare Editions
by the University of Victoria have also been mentioned; this
publication enables precise ponters such as:
(even though I couldn't find the documentation for this feature on
their site).

But I don't know about other important authors and works.



Neven Jovanovic
Zagreb, Hrvatska / Croatia

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