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        Subject: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 37.3

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 37.3: Warren McCulloch and his Circle
September 2012

All articles in this issue are available free of charge.

Preface: The McCulloch Connections, pp. 201-202
Galison, Peter

Warren S. McCulloch and his Circle, pp. 203-205
Abraham, Tara H

Warren McCulloch's Turn to Cybernetics: What Walter Pitts Contributed, 
pp. 206-217
Aizawa, Kenneth

Cybernetic Sense, pp. 218-236
Halpern, Orit

Warren McCulloch and the British Cyberneticians, pp. 237-253
Husbands, Phil; Holland, Owen

An Asymmetric Relationship: The Spirit of Kenneth Craik and the Work of 
Warren McCulloch, pp. 254-268
Collins, Alan F

'The Materials of Science, the Ideas of Science, and the Poetry of 
Science': Warren McCulloch and Jerry Lettvin, pp. 269-286
Abraham, Tara H

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