[Humanist] 26.48 immersive technologies in the humanities?

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        Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 06:38:42 +1000
        From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty at mccarty.org.uk>
        Subject: immersive technologies in humanities research?

Does anyone here know of research into the use of immersive technologies 
in the construction of research environments for the humanities or 
social sciences? I am particularly interested in demands that specific 
humanities research would have, or has had, on the technologies involved.

For the sense of "immersive" that I am using here, see 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immersion_(virtual_reality). This article 
states that immersive VR is "a hypothetical future technology", but at 
least one research project at the University of Western Sydney, the Uruk 
Project, http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~anton/Research/Uruk_Project/, 
would appear to qualify as being in the here-and-now.

I'd also be very interested in assessments of the potential for the 
humanities and social sciences. Note that I am *not* asking about 
non-immersive VR, which would seem to me on the wrong side of a crucial 
threshold. How could VR live up to the name if the technology isn't 
sufficient to push you over that threshold? But others here will know 
far more about these matters than I do, so please comment.


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