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        Subject: Literary and Linguistic Computing 27.2

Literary and Linguistic Computing Table of Contents Alert
Vol. 27, No. 2
June 2012

Original Articles

	Transcription maximized; expense minimized? Crowdsourcing and editing
	The  Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham*
	Tim Causer, Justin Tonra, and Valerie Wallace
	pp. 119-137

	Automatic prediction of gender, political affiliation, and age in Swedish
	politicians from the wording of their speeches--A comparative study of
	Mats Dahllof
	pp. 139-153

	Design and implementation of an electronic lexicon for Modern Greek
	Panagiotis Gakis, Christos Panagiotakopoulos, Kyriakos Sgarbas, and
	Christos Tsalidis
	pp. 155-169

	Graph model of Old Chinese phonological system and computing
	Jiajia Hu and Ning Wang
	pp. 171-181

	Detecting authorship deception: a supervised machine learning approach
	using author writeprints
	Lisa Pearl and Mark Steyvers
	pp. 183-196

	Co-occurrence-based indicators for authorship analysis
	Takafumi Suzuki, Shuntaro Kawamura, Fuyuki Yoshikane, Kyo Kageura,
	and 	Akiko Aizawa
	pp. 197-214

	Advancing aesthetic literary experience through a multimedia project
	Zainor Izat Zainal and Ann Rosnida Mohd Deni
	pp. 215-226


	Quantitative Linguistic Computing with Perl. Fengxiang Fan, Yaochen Deng.
	Lei Lei
	pp. 227-230

	How To Do Things With Videogames. Ian Bogost.
	Ken S. McAllister
	pp. 230-232

	Text and Genre in Reconstruction. Effects of Digitalization on Ideas,
	Behaviour, Products and Institutions. Willard McCarty (ed).
	Thorsten Ries
	pp. 232-235

	Ce qui compte. Methodes statistiques. Ecrits choisis, tome II. Etienne
	Brunet (edited by Celine Poudat).
	Laurent Romary
	pp. 235-238

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