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        Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 16:30:30 +0100
        From: Stephen Woodruff <Stephen.Woodruff at glasgow.ac.uk>
        Subject: Digital Humanities / Humanities Computing
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I'd like to ask Willard, and anyone reading this over his shoulder, for
suggestions of what to do with a LinkedIn group "Digital Humanities /
Humanities Computing" I manage. [Note that this is a LinkedIn group; those
unfamiliar with LinkedIn might want to take a look at this mechanism if
interested in replying. --WM]

I am leaving academia at the end of July (rather sadly as I love teaching).

The group has over a thousand members, which is, roughly, one more than the
number of people I'd have guessed work in the field. I think this is
probably a valuable networking and informational resource for its members.

I can open it as an "anyone can join" group but it is likely, I'm told, to
be swamped by advertisers. Shall I pass control to Willard? Would he want

Do the readers of his online seminar belong?

Any answers?

Stephen Woodruff

Humanities Advanced Technology & information Institute
11 University Gardens
Glasgow G12 0JU
Scotland / UK
0141 330 4508

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