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        Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 13:04:50 +0000
        From: "Nowviskie, Bethany (bpn2f)" <bpn2f at eservices.virginia.edu>
        Subject: open agenda-setting at ACH: all welcome!

Dear colleagues --

This year, the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is working toward more open and transparent agenda-setting as a professional society. We look to you to help us better serve our diverse, international digital humanities community -- by generating new ideas for us to explore, and helping to prioritize items that are already on our Executive Council's agenda.

To that end, we are launching an "idea marketplace" using a transparent, grassroots, pairwise voting system called "All Our Ideas:"


The system will present you with two ideas chosen at random from our community-generated pool, and will ask you to click on the one you find more important for ACH in 2012. You can also decline to decide between the two ideas, or add a suggestion of your own. A "view results" tab reveals the whole set of contributed ideas (helpful to read before suggesting a new one!) as ranked by the community.

ACH can't undertake every project you suggest, but we do promise to take our members' and community's views very seriously and to address as many of them as we can, in open dialogue.

Both association members and non-members are welcome to contribute to this process, and we are only moderating new submissions to prevent unproductive overlap or to clarify language.

Thanks, as always, for your energy and good ideas -- and for inspiring us to work harder and do better!

On behalf of the officers and Executive Council of the ACH,
Bethany Nowviskie

Bethany Nowviskie, MA Ed, Ph.D
President, Association for Computers & the Humanities
Director, Digital Research & Scholarship, UVA Library
Associate Director, Scholarly Communication Institute
scholarslab.org/<http://scholarslab.org/> ● uvasci.org/<http://uvasci.org/> ● ach.org/<http://ach.org/>

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