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        Subject: call for chapters: Emerging Software for Interactive  Interfaces, Database, Computer Graphics and Animation
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Call for Short Chapters
Deadline 27 April 2012 

On an Edited Handbook to be Published by Blue Herons Editions
(Human-Computer Interaction collection) in May 2012

Title: "Emerging Software for Interactive Interfaces, Database, Computer
Graphics and Animation: Pixels and the New Excellence in Communicability,
Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality"


The proposal is expected to be 2 - 4 pages, submitted in .doc or .pdf
format, composed of title, author(s) (name, affiliation, phone number, and
e-mail address), extended abstract (background, related work, principal
contributions, references and so on), table of contents, and contact
All contributions should be of high originality, quality, clarity,
significance, impact and not published elsewhere or submitted for
publication during the review period. Main areas are solicited on, but not
limited to:

:: 2D and 3D Computer Graphics
:: 3D Scanning
:: Advances in Programming Languages and Techniques
:: Artificial Intelligence
:: Artificial Life
:: Audio-visual Communication
:: Augmented Reality
:: Behaviour Computer Animation
:: Biometrics Techniques
:: Cartography Digital
:: Cinema 3D
:: Cloud Computing
:: Coherence in Ray Tracing
:: Color Mapping, Imaging, Illumination and Texture Mapping in Computer
:: Communicability
:: Compression Methods of the Dynamic and Static Media Databases
:: Computer Animation
:: Computer Art
:: Computer-Aided Design – CAD
:: Computer-Aided Education – CAE
:: Computer-Aided Manufacturing – CAM
:: Cross-Cultural Interfaces
:: Data Mining and Machine Learning
:: Data Mining Tools and Software
:: Digital Imaging for Film and TV
:: Digital Libraries and Digital Image Collections
:: Digital Sound
:: Digital Typography
:: Distributed Multimedia
:: Dynamic and Static Information for Scientific Visualization
:: E-entertainment
:: Efficiency and Complexity Issues in Graphics Algorithms
:: Emerging Audio-Visual Layout and Content
:: Emotional Design
:: Engines for Graphics and Virtual Reality
:: Ergonomics
:: Face, Voice and Signature Recognition Systems for Security
:: Finite Element Methods in Graphics
:: Flow Visualization
:: Forward Ray Tracing
:: Fractals and Chaos: Theory and Experiments
:: Fundamentals of Human Perception
:: Geographical Information Systems – GIS
:: Geometric and Volume Modelling in Computer Graphics
:: Graph Theory in Image Processing and Vision
:: Graphics Optimization Techniques
:: Holographic Displays and Interaction
:: Human and Social Factors in Computer Science
:: Human Perception and Graphics
:: Human-Computer Communication – HCC
:: Human-Computer Interaction – HCI
:: Hyperbase and Compression Methods of the Information
:: Hypermedia Sensory Interfaces and Smart Environments
:: Illumination Techniques and Reflectance Modeling
:: Illustration and Photography Digital
:: Image Generation, Acquisition and Processing
:: Image Restoration for Cultural and Natural Heritage
:: Image Based Modeling and Algorithms
:: Immersive Multimedia and Virtual Reality
:: Indexing and Search of Multimedia Data
:: Industrial Design and Simulation
:: Integration of Virtual Reality in Hypermedia Systems
:: Intelligent Graphics
:: Intelligent User Interface
:: Interaction Paradigms and Human Factors
:: Interactive Design
:: Interactive Geometric Processing
:: Interactive Systems and Intelligent Agents
:: Textual Information: Discursive Analysis
:: Knowledge Acquisition and Representation
:: Machine Learning Technologies for Vision
:: Massively Multiplayer Games
:: Mixed Reality
:: Mobile and Ubiquitous Games
:: Modeling Natural Phenomena
:: Modeling Non-rigid Objects
:: Molecular Graphics
:: Morphing
:: Motion Capture
:: Multimedia Immersive Networked Environments
:: Multimodal Interfaces
:: Music and Audio Processing for Hypermedia On-line and Off-line
:: Natural Phenomena and Computer Graphics Emulation
:: Non-Photorealistic Rendering
:: Object-Oriented Graphics
:: Open-Source Software
:: Particle Systems
:: Perceptual Based Techniques in Computer Vision, Graphics and Imaging
:: Perceptual Quality in Image
:: Pervasive Software Engineering
:: Procedural Modelling
:: Quality Attributes and Metrics for Communicability
:: Radiosity
:: Realtime Video Processing Applied to Games
:: Real-World Deployment Experience of Multimedia Distribution Platforms
:: Rendering Methods
:: Scientific visualization
:: Secure Databases and Computer Graphics Applications
:: Semiotics in Computing
:: Shape Analysis
:: Simulation and Emulation in Virtual Reality
:: Social Impact of Art and Culture in Interactive Design
:: Software Security Engineering
:: Software Tools for Computer Graphics
:: Special Effects
:: Speech and Natural Language Interfaces
:: Stereo Vision
:: Surface Appearance, Formation and Enhancement
:: Technologies and Applications Emerging for Microinformatics Systems
:: Texture Mapping
:: Three-dimensional Reconstruction for Cultural Heritage
:: Three-dimensional Software Accelerators for Games on the Internet
:: Three-dimensional Television
:: Touch Interfaces
:: Ubiquitous Computing
:: Usability of New Technologies
:: User-Centered Design
:: Video Games
:: Virtual Actors
:: Virtual Reality
:: Virtual World Creation for Real Simulation, Education and Entertainment
:: Visual Effects and Computer-Generated Imagery
:: Visualization Tools and Systems for Simulation and Modeling
:: Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
:: Web TV
:: Wireless and Mobile Computer Science

Main editor:
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, PhD
Editorial assistants:
Emma Nicol (Glasgow, UK), Mary Brie (La Valletta, Malta), and Doris Edison
(Vancouver, Canada)
Important Dates (new deadline):

:: Full Chapter Submission Deadline: Friday, 27th April 2012
:: Planned Publishing Date: May 2012

1) In case you are not interested for this handbook, we would be grateful if
you can pass on this information/email to another interested person you see
fit (thanks a lot).
2) Our apologies once again for the people with send us a email with
“remove” and maybe had received this email. If you wish to be removed from
this mailing list, please send an email to info[at]blueherons.net with
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