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Call for Papers: ARTEFACTS  2012

ARTEFACTS is an international network of academic and museum-based
scholars of science, technology and medicine interested in promoting the
use of objects in research. The network was established in 1996 and
since then has held annual conferences examining the role of artefacts
in the making of science and technology and related areas. The next
conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 7-9 October 2012. It
aims to discuss the entanglement of national styles and identity and
scientific, technical and medical artefacts in a global context. Topics
could cover questions such as

- Between inventors and the nation: who makes and owns artefacts?

- Do artefacts embody national styles or distinct communities of

- Do artefacts reflect particular national attitudes on the relationship
between science and technology?

- Do artefacts act as signifiers of nationhood and how are they enlisted
in the construction of nationalist agendas?

- National, international or local: how do museums aim at audiences
through artefacts stories?

ARTEFACTS conferences are friendly and informal meetings with the
character of workshops. There is plenty of time for open discussion and
networking. Each contributor is allocated a 20 minutes slot for her or
his talk plus ample of time for questions and discussion. If you want to
present a paper please contact Klaus Staubermann at
k.staubermann at nms.ac.uk not later than 30 April 2012. Please remember
that the focus of presentations should be on artefacts. The conference
will be held at the award-winning refurbished National Museum of
Scotland. For information about travel, accommodation, and holidays in
Scotland visit www.visitscotland.com  http://www.visitscotland.com/  

Dr Klaus Staubermann
Principal Curator of Technology
National Museums Scotland
Chambers Street
Edinburgh EH1 1JF
Tel (0)131-247-4357
Fax (0)131-247-4312
e-mail k.staubermann at nms.ac.uk <blocked::mailto:k.staubermann at nms.ac.uk>
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