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        Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 11:52:21 +0000
        From: Adam Crymble <adam.crymble at gmail.com>
        Subject: Towards Fair DH citation practices (Faircite)

Dear Colleagues,

Like it or not citation in the humanities is still a common measure of
scholarly impact for individual researchers. Yet unlike fields such as the
sciences or the academic publishing industry, our field whose output is so
often collaborative has not yet developed a coherent set of guidelines for
whose names to include as citeable contributions to a project. As
previously discussed on this list, it is still relatively common for large
web-based projects to be cited without anyone's name included:

*The Project*. http://project.com (accessed 5 March 2012).

This practice has particular consequences for those members of the "alt-ac"
community such as project managers, students, programmers, and designers,
who are effectively excluded from the academic culture of citation despite
their valuable contributions. Apart from being an unfair practice unique to
those scholars who work on digital outputs, for those who do decide to try
and obtain an academic position in the future, this lack of obvious
"impact" in a format familiar to academia may put these candidates at a
disadvantage over those who followed a more traditional path.

*Faircite* is a community-driven initiative to work towards a set of
practical standards that can be used by project teams to determine
"authorship" - for want of a better word - in digital projects. The goal is
to come up with a solution that both acknowledges the contribution of those
who put in sigificant amounts of work, while maintaining the integrity of
academic authorship, with the emphasis being put on "practical" guidelines.

I'd ask that you take a moment and contribute your thoughts to our open
call for ideas available on the DH Questions and Answers website (

Please also pass this along to colleagues who may be interested, including
those whose outputs fall into more traditional categories.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and with your help hope we can
make a small change to the way some of our more vulnerable colleagues are

Thank you,

Adam Crymble
PhD Candidate, King's College London
History / Digital Humanities

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