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Why digital humanists make a lot of discussion about potentialities and limitations of digital equipment? About the relations between ancient techniques and new technologies? About their own roles? Etc.

The answer is easy. This large amount of queries arises within the digital-humanist community basically because of the lack of clear principles on computing. 

The difference between the principles of a science and the common knowledge on that science is similar to the difference extant between gold and the gravel of a river bed. The principles of a scientific discipline sum up the knowledge of that discipline. The principles reveal the substantial advantages carried on by the technologies derived by that discipline.

Computer theorists did not yet define clear principles; that’s why humanists often merge futile details with heavy topics, they see a rather fuzzy professional scenario, etc. Researchers on the principles of CS are still in progress and digital humanists should push toward the conclusion of this activity which will provide precious outcomes for them as the principles of computing will enrich all of us both in technical and cultural terms. 

Paolo Rocchi
Docent Emeritus
via Shangai 53, 00144 Roma

LUISS University
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