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Dear Pascal,

It depends a little on what exactly you are trying to achieve but you
might find some of the following useful to you:

Contextus - Describing Narrative in the Digital World (site includes
ontologies with examples for describing narrative, especially fictional
narratives, with linked data and links to related projects and papers on
this work)

(related discussion group -

Automated Motif Discovery in Cultural Heritage and Scientific
Communication Texts (AMICUS) Network (includes links to their work and
papers given at their previous workshops - particularly the paper by Anita
de Waard in their first workshop might be of interest)

Computational Models of Narrative Conference (the page also contains links
to reports on previous events)

International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (slightly off
topic but with some of the tools mentioned in previous papers might be of


That should give you a few possible places to start. I am involved with
the Contextus group (first link) and if you have any questions I would be
happy to answer them.



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