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        Subject: Fwd: Call for Papers: Narrative and Hypertext Workshop at
                ACMHypertext 2012

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        Subject: CFP: VALUES AND NORMS IN MODELING (VaNiM 2012)

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        Subject: THATCamp LAC 2012

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        Subject: Fwd: Call for Papers: Narrative and Hypertext Workshop at ACMHypertext 2012
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The following workshop at ACM Hyptertext 2012 may well be of interest to



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        Subject: CFP: VALUES AND NORMS IN MODELING (VaNiM 2012)
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June 25-27, 2012.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


We invite submissions for the upcoming conference Values and Norms in Modeling (VaNiM 2012) which will be held at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, June 25-27, 2012 -- vanim2012.ieis.tue.nl<http://vanim2012.ieis.tue.nl>.

Keynote speakers:
- Bas van Fraassen & Isabelle Peschard
- Ilkka Niiniluoto
- Stephan Hartmann
- Eric Winsberg
- Susan Sterrett
- Athur Petersen
- Wendy Parker
- Marc Le Menestrel

It is widely acknowledged that a large variety of values and norms
(including epistemic, moral, and political values and norms) play an
important role in modeling. Although the literature about the role of values
in science is huge, the specific theme of values and norms exclusively
focusing on modeling has not yet received the attention it should. Models
are often conceived of as being approximate representations of phenomena or
systems. Moreover, they are often seen as having epistemic or even
non-epistemic purposes, which makes them subject to a plethora of normative
influences. We are interested in questions such as: How do epistemic and
non-epistemic values affect the production and assessment of models? What is
the moral significance of these values and norms? To what extent, if any,
does the allowance of value assessments threaten the objectivity of models?
Would it be desirable and possible to eliminate epistemic or non-epistemic
values and norms from models? We invite papers addressing these and related
issues from a foundational as well as an applied perspective. We especially
welcome contributions on non-epistemic values in engineering modeling,
climate modeling and modeling in operations research.

Abstracts of no more than 500 words can be sent to
>  vanim2012 at easychair.org<mailto:vanim2012 at easychair.org until February 19,
> 2012. All proposals have to be submitted under one of the four conference
> themes:


Talks will be allotted 30 minutes and will be followed by a 15 minutes discussion period.

For further information visit: vanim2012.ieis.tue.nl<http://vanim2012.ieis.tue.nl>

Sven Diekmann,
s.diekmann at tue.nl<mailto:s.diekmann at tue.nl>
Department of Philosophy and Ethics

Ecis - Eindhoven Centre for Innovation Studies
Eindhoven, University of technology
The Netherlands

        Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 10:16:48 -0600
        From: Quinn Warnick <quinnwarnick at gmail.com>
        Subject: THATCamp LAC 2012
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Dear colleagues,

From June 1-3, St. Edward's University will host the 2012 THATCamp for Liberal Arts Colleges in Austin, TX. If you're interested in the humanities, technology, and liberal arts colleges, you should attend.

Is THATCamp LAC right for you? Are you:

- A humanities professor who uses new technologies in your classes or research?
- A humanities professor who would like to try using new technologies?
- An IT professional who works with humanities faculty and staff?
- A librarian who works in the humanities?
- A non-traditional scholar who is interested in new technologies?
- A scholar in another discipline who is interested in the place of new technologies in the academy?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, THATCamp LAC is right for you.

At THATCamp LAC, you'll get to participate in an "unconference" where you can chat with others like you. The dynamic schedule, voted on by attendees, will let you decide what you want to talk about, and let you change those topics on the fly. There are no papers presented, and there is no rigid schedule. Rather, dialogue dominates. As the main THATCamp site puts it, "An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture; going to an unconference is like being a member of an improv troupe where going to a conference is (mostly) like being a member of an audience."

When you attend, you'll also have the opportunity to attend workshops — training sessions where you can learn new software, strategies, and theories. While our workshop schedule isn't finalized yet, it's looking like we'll be offering sessions on using ebooks in the classroom, e-publishing books and journals, crowdsouring transcriptions, and using Google apps in the classroom.

There's no registration fee, and many of the meals will be provided by St. Edward's. Housing options range from $54 to about $90 a night. For more information on THATCamps, visit the main THATCamp page at http://thatcamp.org. For more information about THATCamp LAC, contact any of the conference organizers.

We're accepting applications for the conference until March 1. That's less than a month away, but we hope that the early date will allow you to request funding well ahead of time. Head on over to http://lac2012.thatcamp.org/apply/ and submit yours today!

The conference organizers

Ryan Hoover ryanh at stedwards.edu
Drew Loewe drewml at stedwards.edu
Quinn Warnick quinnw at stedwards.edu

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