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Over the holidays I may have missed something here -- but as I read James
Cummings, and look at the list, it seems to me to be DH as non-scholarly or
technical, with the scholarly work, book, archive, edition, etc., left out.

Please someone tell me I am wrong here and simply missed it.

Holly Shulman

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> > Dear James
> >
> > This is an excellent initiative and very much to be welcomed.
> > It does however seem like a very strange selection of
> > categories. I can think for example of one book which has
> > appeared during the year which would be worth nominating, but
> > the DH Publications category doesn't mention books. Likewise,
> > the most important DH online achievements are often digital
> > editions, archives or other online resources, but I cannot see
> > how these fit in. Are these accidental exclusions, or do the
> > categories ned revisiting?
> Hi Andrew,
> Thank you for your thoughts. The original list of many more
> categories that I proposed to the nominations/organisational
> committee indeed had one that was "Best Book/monograph/edition"
> or similar. It also had a "Best overall contribution to DH" and a
> few others.  However over the course of discussion we decided
> that these would be hard the public as a whole to judge and more
> in the remit of organisations like ADHO to recognise and award in
> such areas.  We definitely wanted this to be something that the
> public could vote on. We also thought that we should limit the
> number of categories in this first year to be a small manageable
> number. The intention is that the categories will change each
> year -- though I would think that it may be possible that some of
> them will remain from year to year. For better or worse these are
> the categories we settled on for this year.
> It also depends on the nominations we get this year. I would
> encourage people to submit their nominations! You can nominate
> any project/resource/tool/etc. that fits into a category -- it
> doesn't have to be one that you are involved in!
> I would especially encourage nominations concerning resources not
> in English or created for non-western uses of DH. Partly these
> awards are about outreach and it would be a shame, I feel, if it
> was just the 'usual suspects'. How about this... if you are one
> of the 'usual suspects', feel free to nominate your own
> project(s) but you might also consider nominating one in a
> non-English language/country that you think was well done? The
> nominations committee will only select from amongst the
> nominations and not all nominations will make it on to the ballot
> as we will whittle down the number per category.
> Please go to http://DHawards.org/ to nominate!
> As a reminder the categories were:
>   * Best DH tool or suite of tools
>   * Best DH blog, article, or short publication
>   * Best DH visualization or infographic
>   * Best professional resources for learning about or doing DH work
>   * Best DH project for public audiences
>   * Best use of DH for fun
> So far I believe we've received nominations (though still need
> more!) for every category except the last one. Surely there are
> some fun uses of DH out there?!
> James Cummings
> james at DHawards.org
> @DHawards
> http://DHawards.org/

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