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Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, the "H" in "H-Net" originally stood for
"History", with H-Net originally being primarily a network for
historians, and still being predominated by history-oriented
discussion lists. Therefore, H-Net scholars have traditionally
centered their scholarly activities, including reports on H-Net, at
the annual meeting of the AHA, which usually occurs early in January.

This year's AHA meeting will include several panels that deal with
the recent and upcoming changes in H-Net, reflecting the rapid and
ongoing shifts in the way that scholars use the web to carry out
their research and communication.

With the possibility in mind that there are a few Digital Humanists 
who might attend the AHA, I am appending below a message from 
Peter Knupfer that outlines some of the highlights of the H-Net-related 
events. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this time.



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> Subject: New Orleans
> Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 15:52:53 -0500
> From: Peter Knupfer, H-Net <peter at MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>

Dear friends:

I am eager to see you in New Orleans next week!  I do not know which of
you is able to come beyond those committed to panels, but in the end it
will be a wonderful opportunity for us to gather and celebrate.  Our
events are listed at


and I enclosed a public Dropbox link to an updated brochure listing all
of our events.

Several things are worth mentioning:

-- the MSU Dean of Social Sciences, Marietta Baba, is expected to be at
the conference for the launch of a transatlantic slave database by
Walter Hawthorne (also our department chair) in collaboration with
Matrix.  Two Associate Deans, Pamela Gray and Thomas Summerhill, are
also expected.  I have invited them and AHA executive director Jim
Grossman to our receptions; I do not know if they will attend (our
provost resigned today, so my guess is that these folks have other
things on their minds).  As some of you know, we have been negotiating
for over two years to get an agreement with the University.  We have
made some significant gains in that direction, but getting people to the
signing table has been an ordeal; two of the people with that authority
will be in this delegation, so it will be an opportunity for them to see
what H-Net is about and what the stakes are in this relationship.

-- Walter Hawthorne, the MSU History Department chair, will be present.
   He has been an enthusiastic supporter of H-Net and has bent over
backwards to help us; he deserves our gratitude for his efforts.

-- We are planning a workshop on Thursday for editors and subscribers
interested in learning about the new platform we've built.  The system
represents a giant step for H-Net and we welcome your engagement in the
process.  In addition, we have set up "office hours" drop-in rooms on
Friday and Saturday so that editors can drop by for instruction and
assistance with the system.  These are listed on the brochure.

-- The receptions on Friday and Saturday night are relatively low-key.
We are encouraging a broad attendance and hope that the festivities
will be in the informal H-Net tradition.  Take some time to meet editors 
and reminisce.

-- Associate Director Heather Hawley will be in New Orleans, as will
Dennis Boone, our system administrator and Chief of Fixing Stuff.  I
hope you'll get the opportunity to meet and thank them for many
years of hard labor on behalf of our organization.

-- We have reached out to publishers and review editors with
invitations to attend the Saturday reception; we will be distributing flyers 
in the exhibit hall as well.  Please encourage past and present review 
editors for lists you're still affiliated with to attend if they expect to
be in town.

-- I plan to arrive by late Wednesday afternoon.  My cell number is in
my signature below.  My wife Nancy and one of our daughters, Leta, will
be with me; we're staying at the Marriott.

Safe travels,


I've linked 1 file to this email:
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Dr. Peter Knupfer
Executive Director
H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online
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Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1046
FAX: 	+517 353 5229
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