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        Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:30:52 +0000
        From: James Cummings <James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk>
        Subject: Re:  26.616 categories for DH Awards?
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> Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 11:03:13 +0000 From: "Prescott, Andrew"
> <andrew.prescott at kcl.ac.uk> Subject: Re:  26.613 DH Awards
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> Dear James
> This is an excellent initiative and very much to be welcomed.
> It does however seem like a very strange selection of
> categories. I can think for example of one book which has
> appeared during the year which would be worth nominating, but
> the DH Publications category doesn't mention books. Likewise,
> the most important DH online achievements are often digital
> editions, archives or other online resources, but I cannot see
> how these fit in. Are these accidental exclusions, or do the
> categories ned revisiting?

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your thoughts. The original list of many more 
categories that I proposed to the nominations/organisational 
committee indeed had one that was "Best Book/monograph/edition" 
or similar. It also had a "Best overall contribution to DH" and a 
few others.  However over the course of discussion we decided 
that these would be hard the public as a whole to judge and more 
in the remit of organisations like ADHO to recognise and award in 
such areas.  We definitely wanted this to be something that the 
public could vote on. We also thought that we should limit the 
number of categories in this first year to be a small manageable 
number. The intention is that the categories will change each 
year -- though I would think that it may be possible that some of 
them will remain from year to year. For better or worse these are 
the categories we settled on for this year.

It also depends on the nominations we get this year. I would 
encourage people to submit their nominations! You can nominate 
any project/resource/tool/etc. that fits into a category -- it 
doesn't have to be one that you are involved in!

I would especially encourage nominations concerning resources not 
in English or created for non-western uses of DH. Partly these 
awards are about outreach and it would be a shame, I feel, if it 
was just the 'usual suspects'. How about this... if you are one 
of the 'usual suspects', feel free to nominate your own 
project(s) but you might also consider nominating one in a 
non-English language/country that you think was well done? The 
nominations committee will only select from amongst the 
nominations and not all nominations will make it on to the ballot 
as we will whittle down the number per category.

Please go to http://DHawards.org/ to nominate!

As a reminder the categories were:

  * Best DH tool or suite of tools
  * Best DH blog, article, or short publication
  * Best DH visualization or infographic
  * Best professional resources for learning about or doing DH work
  * Best DH project for public audiences
  * Best use of DH for fun

So far I believe we've received nominations (though still need 
more!) for every category except the last one. Surely there are 
some fun uses of DH out there?!

James Cummings
james at DHawards.org

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