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        Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 15:26:44 +0000
        From: James Cummings <James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk>
        Subject: Announcing DH Awards!

Announcing DH Awards 2012!

Digital Humanities Awards are a new set of annual awards given in 
recognition of talent and expertise in the digital humanities 
community and are nominated and voted for entirely by the public. 
These awards are intended to help put interesting DH resources in 
the spotlight and engage DH users (and general public) in the 
work of the community. Awards are not specific to geography, 
language, conference, organization or field of humanities that they
benefit. There is no financial prize associated with these 
community awards.

The categories for DH Awards 2012 are:

* Best DH tool or suite of tools:
Nominations for this category should be for a tool or suite of
tools specifically created for and used by members of the DH

* Best DH blog, article, or short publication:
Nominations for this category should be for a short DH
publication (peer-reviewed or not) whether article, blog post(s),
or other publication

* Best DH visualization or infographic:
Nominations for this category should be for a graphic,
infographic, or visualization created for the DH community

* Best professional resources for learning about or doing DH work:
Nominations for this category should be for a resource that helps
DH professionals learn about or undertake work in the DH community

* Best DH project for public audiences:
Nominations for this category should be for a DH project aimed at
use by the general public

* Best use of DH for fun:
Nominations for this category should be for
projects/resources/sites for DH which are designed to be fun or
inherently playful

People may make multiple nominations in any category. The final
nominations appearing in each category will be decided by the
nominations committee based on the public suggestions. The voting
will be entirely open to the public.

To nominate a resource/project/work in one of these categories
please go to http://DHawards.org/DHawards2012/nominations

The most popular nominations will be put up for public vote in
late January and overseen by an international nominations
committee http://DHawards.org/DHawards2012/committee

Nominations for DH Awards 2012 close on 11 January 2013, voting
will take place during late-January.

Happy Holidays,

Dr James Cummings, james at DHawards.org

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