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        Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 12:34:57 +0100
        From: Neven Jovanovic <filologanoga at gmail.com>
        Subject: Lambda calculus boolean functions implemented in PHP

Here's what seems to me an interesting example of philosophy (logic)
expressed in PHP programming language. Equally interesting is the
argumentation, as well as using GitHub for a forum in which to present
the hypothesis.


"For example, the answer to the question _TRUE_('john', 'peter') is
john. Now you are probably thinking "You cannot mean this. This is
absurd!" I must insist, however, that the answer to the truth of the
question about john and peter is john, simply because you mentioned
john first. If you supply two alternatives in your question, the first
alternative is always the true answer and the second alternative the
false one. So, indeed, you decide entirely by yourself what is the
truth. Just mention what you prefer, first.

You may think that the idea of determining truth and falsehood
arbitrarily by essentially leaving the answer to the person asking the
question is a problem. It is absolutely not. On the contrary, this is
the only correct way to determine the truth."



Neven Jovanovic
Zagreb, Hrvatska / Croatia

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