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re WM in elevator [lift, that is]:  I have read a few Obits this past year
wherein I learned that their subjects had been derided and/or dissed at the
beginning of their career for offering research projects [and work] in
their own speciality, which was NOT that of the reigning scientists in that
field; molecular bio, or astronomy, or even public health theory and
administration; not only that, but even scorned.  And then, lo! behold! in
3 decades come a Nobel for that very work.

Freud wrote a fine little essay on this very phenomenon: "Narcissism in
Respect [or Regard?] to Minor Differences."  Its principal operates in
almost all group relations.  That is what WM's insight in the elevator is
about.  Not simply territorialism, like the canines and other big animals
pissing on trees to demarcate their own field's boundary.  [A passing
thought: I have never seen the female of any species doing that.  I can
imagine her operations are designed to attract suitors, not repel

Jascha Kessler

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