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Quantitative Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies

A practical guide to descriptive translation research

Edited by Michael P. Oakes and Meng Ji

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 51]  John Benjamins, 2012.  x, 361 pp.


Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: Explicit and tacit: An interplay of the quantitative and qualitative approaches to translation

Stefan Th. Gries and Stefanie Wulff: Regression analysis in translation studies

Meng Ji: Hypothesis testing in corpus-based literary translation studies

Lidun Hareide and Knut Hofland: Compiling a Norwegian-Spanish parallel corpus: Methods and challenges

Michael P. Oakes: Describing a translational corpus

Shih-Wen (George) Ke: Clustering a translational corpus

Meng Ji and Michael P. Oakes: A Corpus study of early English translations of Cao Xueqin’s Hongloumeng

Jon M. Patton and Fazli Can: Determining translation invariant characteristics of James Joyce’s Dubliners

Jan Rybicki: The great mystery of the (almost) invisible translator: Stylometry in translation

Meng Ji: Translation and scientific terminology

Alexandre Sotov: The games translators play: Lexical choice in vedic translation

Gard B. Jenset and Barbara McGillivray: Multivariate analyses of affix productivity in translated English

Gert De Sutter, Isabelle Delaere and Koen Plevoets: Lexical lectometry in corpus-based translation studies: Combining profile-based correspondence analysis and logistic regression modeling


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