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        Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 08:27:17 -0600
        From: John Laudun <jlaudun at mac.com>
        Subject: Who is using WordPress?

Dear All:

I have been given the amazing opportunity to offer a seminar surveying the digital humanities from my small corner of the scholarly universe. I am happy to share the syllabus, still in development, with anyone interested, but for now I will just note that one of the “infrastructural” dimensions of the course is that everyone will be keeping their notes and thoughts on a wordpress.com blog. I went with this particular set up because our own university infrastructure is, well, under-developed, and the only CMS software to which everyone has access is Moodle. I want seminar participants to be able to take whatever platform on which we operate beyond the confines of the course. I have chosen Wordpress for now, because it is readily available; it is open source; and I use it on my own self-hosted website.

As I introduce this platform to them, I want to be able to point to other uses of it within the realm of the digital humanities. I know that CUNY’s Academic Commons is built on top of WordPress, for example, but who else is using WordPress and who else has extended it?

I know there is a lot more open source software out there, both being used, adapted, and developed by many of you. Is there a list of it maintained somewhere? Is that something worth doing? (I am thinking it might be a course project that could be assigned.)

Before I switch to listening mode, let me thank Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth for the “Companion to Digital Humanities.” It has some really nice pieces in it that are going to make the course much richer.



John Laudun
Department of English
University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504-4691
laudun at louisiana.edu

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