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        Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:53:17 +0100
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        Subject: Announcing Iter Community, a new collaboration resource
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Announcing Iter Community, a new collaboration resource

We are very pleased to be in touch with news of interest to Iter users, across the 400 or so institutions served by it, of Iter Community.  Initially proposed via discussion with members of the several-hundred-strong community participating in the Iter-sponsored New Technology gatherings at the Renaissance Society of America, at its heart Iter Community offers to enhance our interactions by augmenting the Iter Bibliography and by providing new collaboration tools.
Iter Community helps you to make better use of your Iter Bibliography, providing you with research options beyond those of standard bibliographic resources:

-              The Iter Bibliography contains 1.1 million records and provides a powerful search interface -- with faceted searching, relevance ranking, automatic spelling corrections, did-you-mean suggestions, and automatic combined searching of English/US spellings as well as singular/plural forms.

-              Additional features include:

o             Zotero support
o             RefWorks integration
Zotero and RefWorks are two web-based reference management tools that enable you to build, organize, and share annotated bibliographies with fellow researchers.
o             Open-URL links to full text
o             RSS feeds for every search
Iter Community supports online interaction and workspaces for academic organisations, collegial research area groups, and project specific teams, via access to the Drupal Commons:
-              Drupal Commons is social software that facilitates forming collaborative communities, through a combination of popular social web features.
-              Using Iter’s Drupal Commons facility, you can:
o             Create community groups that can engage in online discussions, sharing of documents, and much, much more
o             Set up personal or group blogs
o             Establish wikis for community writing and conveyance
o             Conduct online polls within the Iter Community
o             Share event announcements on the Iter Community calendar

For more information, please
•             Visit http://community.itergateway.org/, learn more about the features available to those in the Iter Community, and join the group. A user name and password will be e-mailed to you shortly!
•             Follow us on Twitter, @iter_community

You will also be pleased to hear that William Bowen and Ray Siemens are organizing additional conference sessions that document innovative ways in which computing technology is being incorporated into the scholarly activity of our community. Please look for announcements regarding the 2011 SCSC meeting (27-30 October) in Fort Worth, TX, and the 2012 RSA meeting (22-24 March) in Washington, DC. Also, take note that the 3rd volume of essays in the NTMRS series will soon be launched. The volume, Digitizing Material Culture, is edited by Brent Nelson and Melissa Terras.

Looking forward to your thoughts on Iter Community!
The Iter Team



University of Toronto Libraries
Suite 7009
130 St. George St.
Toronto, ON  M5S 1A5 Canada
(416) 978-7074 | http://www.itergateway.org | iter at utoronto.ca

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