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        Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 12:35:32 -0700
        From: Jascha Kessler <urim.urim at gmail.com>
        Subject: re Piez's comments to my remarks, which are fine enough, but stilland yet however...

he says, "modified, not only in our own guts, but in the guts of our
machines."  This is metaphor, and as a longtime writer and publisher of
poems [cf my COLLECTED POEMS, xlibris.com], I am chary of metaphor, which is
our fundamental mode of speech, or one of them.  Similes is what Google
picks up as intruder on emails these days.
My reply would offer, the "guts of our machines" do not exist.  We
manipulate the 00s and 1s, as the living who have guts. I know Auden
chickened out in old age, of his former sentimentalities... as our digital
memories will recall his having chickened out of London before the war
really started, he and Isherwood, who had both traveled, rather junketed
through China paid for by the DAILY WORKER.  Whether they were doing what
writers do, taking money for their purposes, one cannot say' but they failed
to disclose their defections.  Spender and Eliot both remained to stay up
night sweeping up incendiary bombs and risking being blown up.  Here is
useful digital recordings for Humanists to exploit in future.
As for the stranded vessels, looters and souvenir hunters wlll dismantle
them for their own purposes, wot?  And deepsea vessels hunt for gold and
cannons, and of course precious artefacts to use in reconstructing say
porcelain histories, usually so far erroneously...but that is for another
time and book going into print somewhere...

Modifications of information are already misinformations for the most part.
 I published a skeptical essay online two years ago about the historical
norms of fact established by the great German who hoped to reveal by copying
paper record, WIE ES EIGENTLICH GEWESEN IST.  I can get a link if anyone is
interested.  However, Google doing records per se is a fine helpmeet, but
dicey, as in Wikileakings....   The living have either strong digestions, or
weak ones, but what they produce from the guts is also merdes and
As for the young, well, it is seldom up to the old to see into their use of
twitterings, wot?

Jascha Kessler
Professor of Modern English & American Literature, UCLA
Telephone/Facsimile: 310.393.4648

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