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        Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 14:57:31 +0200
        From: Katharina Mahler <kmahler at uni-koeln.de>
        Subject: Study regarding digitalisation projects 

Dear Humanist readers,

my name is Katharina Mahler, and I am a research assistant at the 
Institute for Humanities Computer Science at the University at Cologne. 
We are performing a study in which we intend to analyse the impact of 
digitalised historical and cultural material available online.

We would therefore be very interested in comments from humanities 
researchers who consider themselves to be 'intensive users' of 
cultural heritage projects. We are trying to collect informal statements 
which give examples of which sites or features of sites are particularly 
useful for humanities researchers, as well as sites or features of sites 
which seem to qualify as 'worst practise'. We are implementing this 
study for the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschung Gesellschaft 
(DFG)), so comments about Germany-based offerings would be particularly 
welcome. Also, to create a sensible international context, comments on 
best and / or worst practise in digital activities worldwide would also 
be appreciated very much. If you would be willing and interested in 
discussing these questions personally, please let us know. E-mail 
adress: kmahler(at)uni-koeln.de.

Thank you for your time and interest,


Katharina Mahler, MA

Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Informationsverarbeitung
UniversitE4t zu KF6ln
50923 KF6ln
E-Mail: kmahler(at)uni-koeln.de

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