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        Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 17:11:34 -0500
        From: Peter Sands <sands at uwm.edu>
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Dear Daniel and all,

In the misty long-ago, I met weekly on a MOO for the "Tuesday Cafe," ran 
my own MOO out of my office computer, and participated on LinguaMOO and 

I also published an article or two on "MOOTopia," discussing my 
text-based MOO and its use in my course on utopias and utopianism. I 
taught very little programming, focusing instead on imaginal space, 
digital presence/space, and the like.

My experience was always that students had some difficulty seeing the 
MOO as a "space" because of its textuality, for the reasons Wendell 
outlined in his reply. Imagining your way into the MOOspace requires 
accepting its conventions and metaphors and at least temporarily 
suspending your ordinary beliefs.

> On 3/28/2011 1:16 AM, Daniel Allington wrote:
>> Having a research interest in what Bradley Bleck calls 'text-based
>> virtual realities' (below), I was wondering whether anyone else on
>> the list has tried using MOOs and related forms of programming (eg.
>> Inform 7 or its multi-user offshoot, Guncho) for teaching in the
>> humanities.
>> Somehow I find the idea of students building a MOO to be rather more
>> exciting than the idea of them staging plays in Second Life. But
>> perhaps I'm just showing my age...


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