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        Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 18:07:17 +0100
        From: "Eisenberg, Jon" <JEisenbe at NAS.EDU>
        Subject: CSTB Update -- recently released and forthcoming reports from the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board

Dear friend of CSTB,

I write to let you know about several new publications and forthcoming reports from CSTB.

The following reports were recently released by CSTB and issued in final published form by National Academies Press:

--  "Report of a Workshop on The Scope and Nature of Computational Thinking," which discusses what “computational thinking for everyone” might mean and its cognitive and educational implications. 

-- "Achieving Effective Acquisition of Information Technology in the Department of Defense," which calls for the DOD to acquire information technology systems using a fundamentally different acquisition process based on iterative, incremental development practices. 

-- "Letter Report from the Committee on Deterring Cyberattacks: Informing Strategies and Developing Options for U.S. Policy," which is the first of two reports from a project examining deterrence strategies for cyberattacks. This first report identifies key issues and questions that merit further examination.  The second report, a proceedings of a June 2010 workshop at which these issues were explored, will be published in Fall 2010.

Also, CSTB's recent report, "Technology, Policy, Law, and Ethics Regarding U.S. Acquisition and Use of Cyberattack Capabilities," is now available for free download from the MacArthur Foundation, a study co-sponsor, at http://bit.ly/bzEXMA or http://www.macfound.org/atf/cf/%7Bb0386ce3-8b29-4162-8098-e466fb856794%7D/NRC-CYBERATTACK.PDF.

Finally, several reports are forthcoming from CSTB this summer:

-- Biometric Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities
-- Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options
-- Toward Better Usability, Security, and Privacy of Information Technology: Report of a Workshop
-- The Future of Computing Performance: Game Over or Next Level
-- Critical Code: Software Producibility for Defense
All reports can be viewed, downloaded, or ordered from http://cstb.org and a limited number of hard copies are also available on request. 


Jon Eisenberg

Jon Eisenberg, Ph.D.
Director, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board
National Academies
jeisenbe at nas.edu

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