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        Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 06:42:06 -0800
        From: Jon Christensen <jonchristensen at stanford.edu>
        Subject: Job Posting: Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental (and Digital) Humanities at Stanford

Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellowship: Cultures of Nature in the
American West

The Environmental Humanities Project, in collaboration with the Woods
Institute for the Environment and the Bill Lane Center for the
American West at Stanford University, seeks applicants for a
postdoctoral fellowship focusing on cultures of nature in the American
West. Applicants' research should focus on how cultures shape
conceptions of nature, the natural, species boundaries, uses of plants
and animals and natural resources, the human body in its environmental
dimensions, or environmental health and illness; how cultures of
nature form and dissolve; how cultures map nature, literally and
metaphorically; how cultures of nature rooted in particular places
develop dimensions beyond that place (e.g. in the virtual realm); and
what practical differences such cultures make for human uses of the
environment and in shaping nature.

The postdoctoral fellow will be a leader in the Environmental
Humanities Project, a new initiative at Stanford designed to develop
an interdisciplinary community across departments, programs and
research areas in the Humanities involving environmental issues. This
community will also seek to build bridges to the social and natural
sciences. Fellows should be committed to this goal and will be
expected to participate actively in building such a community. In
addition, they will teach one class and participate in workshops and
seminars. The appointment is for one year but may be renewed for an
additional year. Applicants must have their doctoral degree in hand 30
days prior to the appointment start date.

The concept of "cultures of nature" is conceived broadly to include
indigenous, ethnic, class-based, local, professional formations and
subcultures. The American West is understood as the United States west
of the Mississippi, western Canada, Mexico, and their interfaces with
the Pacific region. We welcome applicants from anthropology, history,
literary and cultural studies, political science, sociology and urban
studies, as well as candidates from the natural sciences with a strong
interest in multidisciplinary methods and the humanities. We
particularly encourage applicants who are interested in working with a
variety of sources, including data, maps, images, and multimedia
visualization techniques. Applicants should be comfortable working in
a collaborative research setting. The fellowship research project will
be developed by the candidate in collaboration with scholars from a
variety of related disciplines, and will have an associated public
outreach dimension.

For further information please contact Ursula K. Heise
<uheise at stanford.edu>, Professor of English, Director of the Program
in Modern Thought and Literature and faculty coordinator of the
Environmental Humanities Project, or Jon Christensen
<jonchristensen at stanford.edu>, Executive Director, Bill Lane Center
for the American West, Stanford University.

Applicants should submit the following materials by April 1, 2010:
Cover letter, CV, 1000-word project proposal, dissertation abstract,
25-page writing sample, three letters of recommendation. Send
application materials to: Prof. Ursula K. Heise, Department of
English, 450 Serra Mall Bldg. 460, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

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