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        Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 10:44:37 -0700
        From: Darren James Harkness <webmaster at staticred.net>
        Subject: Job at Athabasca University

Athabasca University is looking to hire a full time temporary web 
developer and project coordinator to work with the Centre for Research.  
This position works closely with researchers on many innovative 
technology projects..

This position is required to coordinate the technical requirements of 
web based research projects originating from the Research Centre.  The 
incumbent will be responsible for both the technical aspects of project 
coordination/management and its required web development and ongoing 
maintenance. The technical aspects of this position will include web 
site development and the integration of various software platforms.  The 
incumbent will be required to manage the project planning, organisation 
and implementation of timelines, schedules, and reporting in relation to 
the technical needs of the assigned projects.

Web/Technical Development & Site Maintenance (70%)

-- Responsbile for creating, updating and maintaining web pages based 
on content provided by others.
-- Coordinating and incorporating appropriate content and structure to 
enhance web sites.
-- Responsible for choosing and integrating the appropriate software 
applications that will meet the project needs.
-- Providing ongoing support and enhancement for various websites and 
research projects. This may include some database work and online 
development requiring more advanced web site coding (php, java mysql, 
javascript, JSP and CSS)
-- Accurate coding of XHTML and CSS in a fast paced environment.
-- Edits content  of web pages.
-- Creates unique content for web pages (various digital formats).
-- Ensures design and content meet project requirements (mobile users, 
desktop users, browser compatibility, accessibility needs, etc) .
-- Takes necessary steps to ensure that out-of-date web pages are 
updated or removed.

Project Coordination (20%)

-- Meeting with project leaders to determine project scope and its 
technical requirements
-- Creating a technical project plan and timeline
-- Keeping detailed notes on project meetings and tracking work/tasks
-- Regular reporting to project leaders
-- Identifying and initiating related project needs as they may arise.

Support Work (10%)

-- Provides training and subsequent support to those requiring 
assistance to access and update project data, their web sites, and 
access/use software applications related to their project.

The position is based in Edmonton, Alberta.   For further information 
regarding this position, please contact Mr. Rory McGreal at (780) 
675-6821 or via email:  rory at athabascau.ca 

Please view and apply for the position at the following URL:

Darren James Harkness
webmaster at staticred.net

"Ever Tried? Ever Failed? No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail 
Better." 96 Samuel Beckett. 

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