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        Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 17:48:30 +0000
        From: John Levin <john at technolalia.org>
        Subject: Finding software

Hi All,

In the course of my MA in Digital Humanities at CCH @ Kings, I'm spending
too much time trying to find suitable software for my work.

I'm thinking of advanced applications, e.g. for textual analysis and map
making, than more general tasks like text editing. Further, it's also
finding reliable, supported software. Evaluating apps takes time, and
testing software only to discard it as inadequate wastes it.

Google hasn't been useful in this respect.

There doesn't seem to be a (web-based) catalogue of software suitable for
digital humanities.

http://www.arts-humanities.net/tools is one such catalogue, but contains
only 23 entries, and those items are a mish mash (various adobe apps, apache
and sister projects, some languages, etc.) (Apparently, this is going to be
relaunched soon, and does have the merit of being based on what digihum
projects actually use.)

TEI has a wiki http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/Category:Tools but I find it
difficult to navigate, incomplete, and again, a bit of a mishmash.

There are various general catalogues for different platforms (versiontracker
for windows/osx; many for linux apps) - they're useful, but aren't
specifically orientated for digital humanities.

Do people think that more organised, better maintained catalogue would be
useful? Or have I overlooked one?

Or, to put it another way:

How do you find the software you use for your digital humanities projects?


John Levin

--John Levin

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