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A little belatedly, I'll point out that when I first started going to 
the Society of American Archivists meetings in the late 1990s, digital 
archiving was very much in the corner; now it constitutes much of the 
program at this largest meeting for the archives discipline in the US. 
So when digital humanists have things to save, the archives will be 
there; and when digital humanists want to work with digital texts and 
other media, hopefully they will already be safe and available. In other 
words, the infrastructure is being built, as a result of government and 
business needs and with the participation of major libraries and 
collecting archives. And with funding from IMLS, we are beginning to 
send digital archives and digital library graduate students to digital 
humanities centers for internships to begin making these connections 
real--see: http://www.ischooldh.org/

Pat Galloway
School of Information
University of Texas at Austin

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