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        Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 08:19:13 +0200
        From: "Lily Diaz" <Lily.Diaz at taik.fi>
        Subject: Conference on Cultural and Activity Research

Deadline for abstracts: January 31, 2010

We invite researchers, specialists, and students in the fields of art,
design, education, health care and other professional activities to
participate in the Nordic Conference on Activity Theory and the Fourth
Finnish Conference on Cultural and Activity Research (FISCAR10). The
conference is seeking proposals on variety of perspectives on social
creativity, designing and activity. 

The sub-themes of the conference are the following:

Design as an activity
● Collaborative nature of design process, participatory design, and
● Representation and play as design activities
● Social creativity, new technologies and artifacts
● Inclusive design as societal activity

Theory and methodology for research on creativity and design
● Central theoretical ideas in Activity Theory and Sociocultural
● Methodologies of developmental interventions
● Ethnography of change
● Discourse and activity

Design and creativity in diverse forms of communities
● On-line and virtual communities
● Social simulation and emergence
● Social movements
● Ethnic and cultural diversity

Design and creativity in educational activities
● Social creativity in education
● Educational interventions and practice-developing research
● Inclusive education
● Education and social media

Design and creativity in work activities
● Spaces for innovation and knowledge-creation
● Design of new organizational forms
● Creativity in interventions at work
● Historically new forms of work

Digitalization of culture
●  Media as a research field
●  Digital media and digital social networks
●  Inclusive digitalization
●  Digitalization of work

Design and creativity in heath care and social services
● Work-based methods and tools of occupational health service
● Multi-actor collaborations in improving work-related wellbeing
●  Design of system of social support
●  Enhancing client agency and creativity

Please see our web pages for more information.

With best regards and best wishes for the new year,

Lily Díaz
Aalto University
School of Art and Design, Media Lab

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