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        Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 17:20:39 -0400
        From: James Rovira <jamesrovira at gmail.com>
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I think that Alan's advice is very good.  There are a great many tasks
in humanities study that is made much easier with digital tools; a
humanist who is interested in these tasks can probably become excited
at the tools allowing them to do so.

But, I've been thinking along the lines of the following:

> When I reflect on the amount of time I had to devote to my major in
> Computer Science as compared to my major (or even Ph.D.) in English I
> think this is absolutely true.  Getting an interested computer
> scientist situated in a humanities discipline would likely take much
> less time than getting a humanist trained in advanced math (I say this
> provocatively in the hopes that someone challenges my assumption and
> experience).

I wish that I could challenge your assumptions and experience, but...
a computer scientist who reads enough of the right books can become a
good enough humanist in a much shorter time than a humanist can become
an equally competent programmer.

I think that if we changed our education systems so that students
couldn't graduate college without at least two full years of calculus,
the situation might be different.  That's a change I'd favor, by the

Jim R

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