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        Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2010 21:40:19 -0500
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I know a few folks at JSTOR, and they are pretty good at following up queries and suggestions, and so may I suggest you contact them directly? I know from conversations with Tim Cook at JSTOR that they pursue the PDF standard to the utmost of their ability. But we have to recognize that that standard has evolved over time and that the technology for digitizing texts has evolved as well. Early issues of my own field's flagship journal in JSTOR, the Journal of American Folklore, face some similar issues.

And I agree that access to JSTOR is problematic. In my own case, all the universities in Louisiana are about to lose access to JSTOR because the Board of Regents has decided not to continue funding it. (Financial exigency is very flexible in what it cuts.) My professional society, the American Folklore Society, provides for access to the folklore journals within JSTOR, however, and I may have to seek out that alternative. Other societies do similar things. Does any hope lie there?

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