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** Announcing Digital Studies / Le champ numérique **

- Journal at: www.digitalstudies.org 
- Flyer at: http://bit.ly/iPTkt

Digital Studies / Le champ numérique (ISSN 1918-3666) is a refereed academic
journal, publishing three times a year and serving as a formal arena for
scholarly activity and as an academic resource for researchers in the
digital humanities. DS/CN is published by the Society for Digital Humanities
/ Société pour létude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI), an organisation
affiliated with the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) and
the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) through the
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO). Work published in DS/CN
reflects the values of this community and the interdisciplinary diversity of
those who comprise it, with particular emphasis on emerging digital
humanities methodology and its application, on the engagement of that work
in pertinent disciplinary contexts, and on multilinguality and
complementarity with other ADHO publications (among them the journals
Literary and Linguistic Computing, and Digital Humanities Quarterly).
Similarly, our publication technology, policies and practices will strive to
promote and reflect the community’s best emergent and longstanding

DS/CN invites contributions relating to work carried out in the digital
humanities, broadly construed. In its open, thematic, and conference volumes
DS/CN publishes academic articles, scholarly notes, working papers, field
synopses, larger reviews, and well-documented opinion pieces. DS/CN
privileges publications which explicitly demonstrate an awareness of
interdisciplinary context(s) and a history of pertinent academic engagement.

- Submissions via www.digitalstudies.org 


Editorial Team
Ray Siemens (Editor, U Victoria), Michael Eberle-Sinatra (Editor, U
Montréal), Bill Winder (Editor, Working Papers, U British Columbia), Dominic
Forest (Managing Editor, U Montréal), Jeff Smith (Managing Editor, U
Saskatchewan), Kirsten C Uszkalo (Managing Editor, U Illinois
Urbana-Champaign), Christian Vandendorpe (Founding Editor, U Ottawa); 
Serina Patterson, Karin Armstrong, and Anne Correia (Technical Editors,
ETCL–U Victoria)

National Advisory Board
William Barker (U King’s College, Halifax), John Bonnett (Brock U), Margaret
Conrad (U New Brunswick), Richard Cunningham (Acadia U), Teresa Dobson (U
British Columbia), Dean Irvine (Dalhousie U), Ian Lancashire (U Toronto),
Yin Liu (U Saskatchewan), John Lutz (U Victoria), Christine McWebb (U
Waterloo), Dan O'Donnell (U Lethbridge), Geoffrey Rockwell (U Alberta), Stan
Ruecker (U Alberta), Jean-Michel Salaün (U Montréal), Stéfan Sinclair
(McMaster U)              

International Advisory Board
Elisabeth Burr (U Leipzig), Dan Cohen (George Mason U), Hugh Craig (U
Newcastle), Marilyn Deegan (Kings College London), Johanna Drucker (UC Los
Angeles), Julia Flanders (Brown U), Charles Forceville (U Amsterdam),
Liliane Gallet-Blanchard (U Paris IV – Sorbonne), Carolyn Guertin (U Texas
Arlington), David L Hoover (New York U), Edward van Houtte (Royal Academy of
Dutch Language and Literature), John Lavagnino (King’s College London), Alan
Liu (UC Santa Barbara), Laura Mandell (Miami U), Lev Manovich (UC San
Diego), Jan Christoph Meister (U Hamburg), Martin Mueller (Northwestern U),
Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen (U Oulu), Espen Ore (U Oslo), Ken Price (U
Nebraska), Susan Schreibman (Digital Humanities Observatory, Dublin)

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