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        Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 11:13:00 +0100
        From: "[TiP, Poland] Newsletter" <newsletter2009 at tip.net.pl>
        Subject: Czech, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian Natural Language ProcessingTools

Press Release, May, 21

TiP Ltd, Katowice Poland has announced release of updated versions of its NLP morphology based software tools. Developed in the scope of the multi-national European Projects taggers, lemmatizers and spellcheckers for Slavic Languages are now available to be included in third party applications.

TiP specializes in development of linguistic components for incorporating into other applications. Depending on required functionality modules may be customized to fulfill specific needs. Application Programming Interface (API) delivered with the standard version provides necessary entry points to basic routines; it may be adjusted to fit into existing programs.

More details - here<http://www.tip.net.pl/positions/index/65>.

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