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  [1]   From:    Kayleigh Merritt <kayleigh.merritt at gmail.com>             (35)
        Subject: Call for Papers: Visual Arts & Global Trade in Early
                American Republic

  [2]   From:    Inke Conference <inke.conference at gmail.com>               (46)
        Subject: INKE 2009: Birds of a Feather Conference

  [3]   From:    Dan O'Donnell <daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>                  (82)
        Subject: Call for Bids: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2010

        Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 10:51:13 -0400
        From: Kayleigh Merritt <kayleigh.merritt at gmail.com>
        Subject: Call for Papers: Visual Arts & Global Trade in Early American Republic
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Call for Papers
Visual Arts and Global Trade in Early American Republic

Salem, Massachusetts
Tentative Date: March 6, 2010

American participation in global trade increased dramatically during the
Early Republic.  American ships ventured beyond the Cape of Good Hope and
Cape Horn to expand direct contact with China, India, Indonesia, Southeast
Asia, the Philippines, and other parts of the Pacific world.  This trade
brought widespread access to Asian arts and other visual materials and
profoundly influenced American visual arts. While much of the literature on
the arts of the Early Republic has focused on building nationalism in the
wake of the Revolution, this conference investigates the state of early
American internationalism.  How did global trade contribute to knowledge and
culture in the Early Republic, particularly in the arts?  We invite papers
and proposals that examine the impact of global trade from the 1780s to the
1840s on all aspects of visual art production: painting, sculpture,
architecture, garden design, ceramics, furniture, silver, wallpaper,
textiles, fashion, and other media.  We also invite papers on the
transmission of artistic ideas—through eyewitness accounts, illustrated
books and prints, imported images and objects, museum collections,
patronage, art markets, and other topics.

Honoraria and travel support for speakers are available through a generous
grant from the Terra Foundation for American Art.  Organizing institutions
include Salem State College, the Salem Maritime Historical Site (National
Park Service), and the Salem Athenaeum.  The conference will provide
opportunities to tour Salem’s magnificent Federalist architecture and museum

To submit proposals for papers, please send an abstract (300 to 500 words)
and a brief c.v. via email to pjohnston at salemstate.edu.  Proposals may also
be submitted by mail to Visual Arts and Global Trade conference, c/o
Patricia Johnston, Art Department, Salem State College, 352 Lafayette
Street, Salem MA 01970.

Proposals must be received by July 15, 2009.  Speakers should be willing to
revise their papers for later publication. Text and visuals for
presentations are due in December 2009.

        Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 13:18:26 -0700
        From: Inke Conference <inke.conference at gmail.com>
        Subject: INKE 2009: Birds of a Feather Conference
        In-Reply-To: <54475820905210749h592a5c8cwad73644bed333184 at mail.gmail.com>

As a partner of INKE or a related discussion list I am forwarding to you our
call for papers for a Birds of a Feather conference to be held at the
University of Victoria on October 24 and 25. Please note that the
submissions deadline for abstracts is June 1 to inke.conference at gmail.com.
Thank you!

Call for Papers: INKE 2009 Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Research
Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age 23 and 24
October 2009, University of Victoria (http://www.uvic.ca)
Proposals by 1 June 2009 to inke.conference at gmail.com

Digital technology is fundamentally altering the way we relate to writing,
reading, and the human record itself. The pace of that change has created a
gap between core social/cultural practices that depend on stable reading and
writing environments and the new kinds of digital artifacts--electronic
books, being just one type of many--that must sustain those practices now
and into the future.

This conference explores research foundations pertinent to understanding
those new practices and emerging media, specifically focusing on work
leading toward [1] theorizing the transmission of culture in pre- and
post-electronic media, [2] documenting the facets of how people experience
information as readers and writers, [3] designing new kinds of interfaces
and artifacts that afford new reading abilities, [4] conceptualizing the
issues necessary to provide information to these new reading and
communicative environments, and [5] reflection on interdisciplinary team
research strategies pertinent to work in the area.

We invite paper and poster/demonstration proposals that address these and
other issues pertinent to research in the area to INKE 2009, to be held at
the University of Victoria, 23-24 October 2009. Proposals should contain a
title, an abstract (of approximately 250 words) plus list of works cited,
and the names, affiliations, and website URLs of presenters; fuller papers
will be solicited after acceptance of the proposal.

Some funding is available to assist in graduate student travel to this
event; if you wish to apply for this, please indicate this when submitting
your proposal.

*Please send your proposals before 1 June 2009 to inke.conference at gmail.com.
* Proposals will be reviewed and participants contacted by 1 July 2009, and
papers for publication in the conference volume will be due 15 August 2009.
Conference details will be posted as they are available to
http://www.inke.ca/inke2009, beginning 1 May 2009.

Programme Committee: Ray Siemens (U Victoria), Stan Ruecker (U Alberta),
Alan Galey (U Toronto), Richard Cunningham (Acadia U), Claire Warwick (U C
London), Tassie Gniady (U Victoria, Coordinator).

Tassie Gniady
INKE Project Manager
University of Victoria
tassieg at gmail.com

        Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 16:25:44 -0600
        From: Dan O'Donnell <daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>
        Subject: Call for Bids: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2010
        In-Reply-To: <54475820905210749h592a5c8cwad73644bed333184 at mail.gmail.com>

(also posted to the TEI News server: 
http://www.tei-c.org/News/index.xml#mm2010Call Please feel free to cross 
    Call for Bids: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2010

The annual TEI Conference and Members' Meeting takes place every year in 
late October or early November. We are now seeking bids to host this 
event in 2010.

The meeting this year (2009) will take place on November 11-15 at the 
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. The previous meetings have 

    * London, England, November 6-8, 2008. hosted by King's College London.
    * College Park (MD), USA, October 31-November 3, 2007. Hosted by the
      University of Maryland.
    * Victoria, Canada, October 27-28, 2006. Hosted by the University of
    * Sophia, Bulgaria, October 28-29, 2005. Hosted by the Bulgarian
      Academy of Sciences.
    * Baltimore, USA, October 22-23, 2004. Hosted by Johns Hopkins
    * Nancy, France, November 7-8 2003. Hosted by ATILF.
    * Chicago, USA, October 11-12 2002. Hosted by the Newberry Library
      and Northwestern University.
    * Pisa, Italy, November 16-17 2001. Hosted by the University of Pisa.

The site of the conference and meeting has typically alternated between 
Europe and North America, but that is not a fixed rule. We welcome 
proposals from other parts of the world, and in particular from areas 
where new TEI communities are arising.

This year's conference and meeting will be a four-day event (plus 
pre-conference workshops), with approximately 120 attendees. The three 
days of the main conference will include a mix of plenary lectures by 
invited speakers, round-table discussions, and conference-style 
sessions; there will also be a business meeting of the membership. The 
fourth day (Sunday) will be a closed session for members of the Board. 
Meetings of TEI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may also scheduled for 
this day. Future meetings should assume roughly this shape, although 
there is considerable room for local initiative in consultation with the 

The TEI Consortium guarantees direct costs of the conference and meeting 
up to a maximum of US$5200 with special provisions for funding 
attendance in excess of approximately 120 attendees. The conference 
organising committee is also expected to seek additional funds from 
local institutions, commercial sponsors, and other organisations. A 
conference registration fee is charged to assist the TEI in recovering 
its expenditure and ensure that it is able to underwrite the cost of 
future conferences.

Bids should be sent to info at tei-c.org by no later than September 1, 
2009, though institutions considering making a proposal are encouraged 
to contact chair of the TEI (daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca 
<mailto:daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>) much earlier in the process in order 
to discuss their ideas. Bids should include the following information:

    * The name of the institution(s) making the bid
    * The name, address, email, and telephone number of the contact person
    * A brief description of the facilities available for the event
      (rooms, equipment, technical support, food)
    * An indication of what financial support, if any, the hosting
      institution is prepared to give (for instance, sponsoring one or
      more receptions or pre-meeting workshops; payment of travel
      expenses for one or more plenary speakers; etc.)
    * Any other details that may be useful in assessing the bid (e.g.
      the presence of a conference on a related topic at the institution
      around the time of the meeting; the launch of a new TEI-related
      initiative at the institution, etc., ideas for a particular theme
      or focus).

In submitting bids, local organisers are encouraged to be creative: the 
TEI is willing to work with hosts to reflect local interests and strengths.

Further information about the requirements for the conference and 
members meeting may be found in our document on Hosting a Members 
Meeting  http://www.tei-c.org/Membership/Meetings/meeting_hosting.xml  
and the Board's own Practices and Procedures 
 http://www.tei-c.org/Board/procedures.xml#body.1_div.4  document.

All bids will be reviewed by the TEI board, which makes the final decision.

Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Associate Professor of English
University of Lethbridge

Chair and CEO, Text Encoding Initiative (http://www.tei-c.org/)
Founding Director, Digital Medievalist Project (http://www.digitalmedievalist.org/)
Chair, Electronic Editions Advisory Board, Medieval Academy of America

Vox: +1 403 329-2377
Fax: +1 403 382-7191 (non-confidental)
Home Page: http://people.uleth.ca/~daniel.odonnell/

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