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        Subject: Literary and Linguistic Computing 24.2

Literary and Linguistic Computing 24.2 (June)

Special Issue 'Selected papers from Digital Humanities 2008, University 
of Oulu, Finland, June 25-29

URL: http://llc.oxfordjournals.org/content/vol24/issue2/index.dtl?etoc


Lisa Lena Opas-Hanninen, Espen S. Ore, and Claire Warwick

Original Articles

Arianna Ciula and Tamara Lopez
Reflecting on a dual publication: Henry III Fine Rolls print and web

Neal Audenaert and Richard Furuta
Annotated Facsimile Editions: Defining macro-level structure for 
image-based electronic editions

Jama S. Coartney and Susan L. Wiesner
Performance as digital text: Capturing signals and secret messages in a
media-rich experience

Christian-Emil Ore and Oyvind Eide
TEI and cultural heritage ontologies: Exchange of information?

Stephanie A. Schlitz
The TEI as luminol: Forensic philology in a digital age

Brian L. Pytlik Zillig
TEI Analytics: converting documents into a TEI format for 
cross-collection text analysis

Georg Rehm, Oliver Schonefeld, Andreas Witt, Erhard Hinrichs, and Marga
Sustainability of annotated resources in linguistics: A web-platform for
exploring, querying, and distributing linguistic corpora and other

Claire Warwick, Claire Fisher, Melissa Terras, Mark Baker, Amanda Clarke,
Mike Fulford, Matt Grove, Emma O'Riordan, and Mike Rains
iTrench: A study of user reactions to the use of information technology 
in field archaeology

Lynne Siemens
'It's a team if you use "reply all" ': An exploration of research teams 
in digital humanities environments

Review Article

Ron Van den Branden
 From Common Sense to Common Knowledge. And Vice Versa


Lisa Spiro
Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the
Internet. * Christine L. Borgman.

John Nerbonne
Errors and Intelligence in Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Parsers
and Pedagogues. * Trude Heift and Mathias Schulze.

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