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  [1]   From:    Kevin Kee <kevin.kee at brocku.ca>                           (40)
        Subject: Registration Reminder - Interacting with Immersive Worlds
                Conference, June 15-16

  [2]   From:    "Ray Siemens" <siemens at uvic.ca>                           (39)
        Subject: DHSI 2009 colloquium: "Next Wave: New Researchers and the
                Future ofthe Digital Humanities"

  [3]   From:    "list at ami-09.org" <list at ami-09.org>                       (64)
        Subject: [IFIP-EC-NEWS] AmI-09: 3rd European Conference on
                AmbientIntelligence - 2nd Call for Contributions

  [4]   From:    Raffaella Bernardi <bernardi at inf.unibz.it>                (97)
        Subject: CfP: Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries 2009 (AT4DL

  [5]   From:    Stéfan_Sinclair <sgsinclair at gmail.com>                   (44)
        Subject: Digital Humanities / High Performance Computing Session at
                Sharcnet Research Day 2009

  [6]   From:    "Bodard, Gabriel" <gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk>              (66)
        Subject: Digital Classicist seminar programme

        Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 13:17:10 -0400
        From: Kevin Kee <kevin.kee at brocku.ca>
        Subject: Registration Reminder - Interacting with Immersive Worlds Conference, June 15-16


Interacting with Immersive Worlds
An International Conference presented at
Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
JUNE 15-16, 2009

Register to attend at: www.brocku.ca/iasc/immersiveworlds

Focusing on the growing cultural significance of interactive media,  
IWIW will feature academic papers organized along four streams:
-Challenges at the Boundaries of Immersive Worlds features creative  
exploration and innovation in immersive media including ubiquitous  
computing, telepresence, interactive art and fiction, and alternate  

-Critical Approaches to Immersion looks at analyses of the cultural  
and/or psychological impact of immersive worlds, as well as theories  
of interactivity.

-Immersive Worlds in Education examines educational applications of  
immersive technologies.

-Immersive Worlds in Entertainment examines entertainment applications  
of immersive technologies, such as computer games.

The IWIW conference also features 4 keynote speakers:

-Janet Murray, Director of Graduate Studies, School of Literature,  
Communication and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology

-Espen Aarseth, Associate Professor, Department of Media and  
Communication, IT University of Denmark

-Geoffrey Rockwell, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Humanities  
Computing, University of Alberta

-Deborah Todd, Game Designer, Writer and Producer, and Author of Game  
Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light

Visit the conference Web site at www.brocku.ca/iasc/immersiveworlds

Organizing Committee:
Jean Bridge, Centre for Digital Humanities, Brock University, jbridge at brocku.ca
Martin Danahay, Department of English Language and Literature, Brock  
University, mdanahay at brocku.ca
Denis Dyack, Silicon Knights, St. Catharines, Ontario, denis at siliconknights.com
Barry Grant, Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film, bgrant at brocku.ca
David Hutchison, Faculty of Education, Brock University, davidh at brocku.ca
Kevin Kee, Department of History, Brock University, kkee at brocku.ca
John Mitterer, Department of Psychology, Brock University, jmitterer at brocku.ca
Michael Winter, Department of Computer Science, Brock University, mwinter at brocku.ca
Philip Wright, Information Technology Services, Brock University, philip.wright at brocku.ca

        Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 11:56:57 -0700
        From: "Ray Siemens" <siemens at uvic.ca>
        Subject: DHSI 2009 colloquium: "Next Wave: New Researchers and the Future ofthe Digital Humanities"

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From: cmleitch at gmail.com On Behalf Of Caroline  Leitch

This year, a new graduate student element is being added to the
Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. A
number of graduate students attending the Institute will be
participating in a colloquium entitled "Next Wave: New Researchers and
the Future of the Digital Humanities". There will be presentations on
many aspects of graduate student research in the digital humanities,
such as electronic elements in the dissertation, the graduate
student's role in established research projects, tool application and
development, etc.

The colloquium will take place over four morning sessions (June 9-12)
from 8:30-9:30 in Harry Hickman 105. Each session will feature four
graduate student presentations demonstrating the incorporation of some
aspect of the digital humanities into their research. Each presentation will
be informal, 5-10 minutes in length, with time for Q&A at session's end.
Sessions are open to all DHSI attendees and interested members of the

We are pleased to announce the presenters for the first DHSI Grad
Trish Baer (U Victoria)
Devin Becker (Indiana U)
Tracy Boger (U Alberta)
Alberto Campagnolo (King's College, London)
Anne Cong-Huyen (UCSB)
Kristin Crandall (UNB)
Marc Fortin (Queens U)
Elizabeth Lorang (U Nebraska-Lincoln)
Piotr Organisciak (U Alberta)
Lauralee Proudfoot (Trent)
Jentery Sayers (U Washington)
Kristine Smitka (U Alberta)
Vanessa Steinroetter (U Nebraska-Lincoln)
Meagan Timney (Dalhousie U)
Elizabeth Vincelette (Old Dominion U)

See the full schedule at:  http://www.dhsi.org/home/schedule 

For more information, please contact Diane Jakacki
<dkjakack at artsmail.uwaterloo.ca> or Cara Leitch <cmleitch at uvic.ca>.
Visit us on the web at <www.dhsi.org>.

        Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 15:36:32 +0100
        From: "list at ami-09.org" <list at ami-09.org>
        Subject: [IFIP-EC-NEWS] AmI-09: 3rd European Conference on Ambient Intelligence - 2nd Call for Contributions

3rd European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
AmI-09: Roots for the Future of Ambient Intelligence
November 18th-21st, Salzburg, Austria

2nd  Call for Contributions

AmI-09 will bring keynotes, technical papers, workshops, industrial case
studies, posters & demos and panels. As new categories this year we feature
landscapes and  ambient visions to review the current status and to look
into the next decade of Ambient Intelligence.

Prof. Emile Aarts (Philips Research) has agreed to be one of the AmI-09 
keynote speakers.

AmI-09 will feature a 10 years anniversary since the term Ambient
Intelligence started to fly around. We explicitly intend to look back what
has been achieved, review existing solutions and identify what will come.
The conference should provide a forum to establish new roads for the future
of Ambient Intelligence.

Important Dates:
Workshops: May 25th, 2009
Papers: June 8th, 2009
Short Papers: June 22nd , 2009
Posters & Demos: June 22nd , 2009
Landscapes: June 22nd, 2009
Industrial Case Studies: Oct 5th, 2009
Visions: Oct 5th, 2009

Please visit the conference website for more details on each submission
category and potential conference topics: http://www.ami-09.org

Conference Committee:
Manfred Tscheligi, Boris de Ruyter (Conference Co-Chairs & Paper Co-Chairs)
Panos Markopoulos, Reiner Wichert (Short Paper Co-Chairs)
John Soldatos, Alexander Meschtscherjakov (Poster & Demo Co-Chairs)
Emile Aarts, Albrecht Schmidt (Visions Co-Chairs)
Cristina Buiza, Wolfgang Reitberger (Workshops Co-Chairs)
Maddy Janse, Marianna Obrist (Industrial Case Study Co-Chairs)
Norbert Streitz (Landscapes Chair)

The conference is hosted and organized at the University of Salzburg, HCI &
Usability Unit, ICT&S Center.

For up to date information and further details please visit:

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Manfred Tscheligi
Boris de Ruyter

        Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 19:07:12 +0100
        From: Raffaella Bernardi <bernardi at inf.unibz.it>
        Subject: CfP: Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries 2009 (AT4DL 2009)

Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries 2009
  (AT4DL 2009)
8 September 2009, Trento (Italy)

Submission deadline: 18 June 2009

The fast growth of digital material is challenging for research in
many disciplines. The EU has funded many projects to advance research
in this field and facilitate end-user access to cultural and
scientific heritage. The ENRICH, Europeana, CACAO, GAMA, NEEO and
TELplus projects, funded by the eContentplus programme, have joined
forces to organise a workshop as a satellite event of ICSD 2009

The workshop aims to bring together stakeholders in order to present
an overview of state-of-the-art systems in the field and identify open
research problems that require further work.

We invite submissions of extended abstracts describing running
projects in the field of Digital Libraries. Research projects of any
size are welcome, ranging from EU to PhD projects. Preference will be
given to projects that will be able to demonstrate a functioning
prototype. We also invite the submission of posters describing
research in progress that will be on display during the workshop.

We are particularly interested in the following topics:

* Analysis of users' requirements and use of DL systems.
* DL systems for supporting e-research.
* Integration of Classification Systems, Subject Headings and IR
* Multi-modal indexing of DLs.
* Language Technologies: cross document co-reference and temporal
information extraction.
* Linking and clustering data in DLs.
* Ontology learning for DL systems.

Each extended abstract may consist of up to three (3) pages of content
and one (1) extra page for references.
Submissions should be made following the Author's Instructions for
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).
Submission/reviewing will be electronic, managed by the EasyChair
system. The only accepted format for submitted papers is Adobe PDF.
The PDF file of the paper must be uploaded to the system by the
submission deadline. See details at the workshop website:

* Paper Submission: 18 June 2009
* Notification of Acceptance: 30 July 2009
* Camera Ready Deadline: 25 August 2009

* In the morning, short presentations of accepted abstracts
* In the afternoon, posters and demos time
* Closing section with a general discussion

All the accepted abstracts and posters will be made available online
before the Workshop as pre-prints published in "Bozen-Bolzano
University Press" series and will be distributed on a CD at the time
of the workshop. Following the workshop, it is planned to publish the
full papers as post-proceedings in Springer LNCS, the publication of
which is expected in early 2010.


* Raffaella Bernardi, (CACAO, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) (co-
* Sally Chambers (TELplus-CACAO, The European Library) (co-chair)
* Björn Gottfried, (GAMA, University of Bremen) (co-chair)
* José Borbinha (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portgual)
* Vittore Casarosa (ISTI CNR, Italy)
* Carl Demeyere (NEEO, K.U. Leuven, Belgium)
* Stefan Gradmann (Europeana, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany)
* Jakub Heller (ENRICH, Cross Czech a.s., Czech Republic)
* Antoine Isaac (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* Udo Kruschwitz (Essex University, UK)
* Patrice Landry (MACS project, Swiss National Library, Switzerland)
* Andreas Lattner (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
* Mikolaj Leszczuk (AGH Krakow, Poland)
* Bernardo Magnini (FBK, Italy)
* Stefan Pletschacher (University of Salford, UK)
* Massimo Poesio (University of Trento, Italy)
* Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* Pasquale Savino (ISTI-CNR, Italy)
* Viliam Simko (CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic)
* Massimo Zancanaro (FBK, Italy)

If you have any questions, please contact the Co-Chairs of the
Programme Committee by sending an email to:  at4dl at inf.unibz.it

        Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 21:09:09 -0400
        From: Stéfan_Sinclair <sgsinclair at gmail.com>
        Subject: Digital Humanities / High Performance Computing Session at Sharcnet Research Day 2009

Dear colleagues,

Please note the following event that may be of interest to anyone near
the University of Waterloo this coming Thursday. The even will also be
broadcast via Sharcnet's AccessGrid (see information below the
schedule or contact me directly if you're interested).

Digital Humanities / High Performance Computing Session at Sharcnet
Research Day 2009
Date 	Thursday May 21 2009
Time 	11:30 - 17:00
Location 	Hosted at University of Waterloo, Room AL-105, and to be
broadcast online over AccessGrid
URL 	http://www.sharcnet.ca/Events/RDay2009/

Room AL-105, Chair: Stéfan Sinclair

11:30-12noon(EST), Ray Siemens, “Computation and the History of the
Future of the Book”
12:10-12:30(EST), Stéfan Sinclair, “Web-based HPC: Oil and Water?”
3:40-4:05(EST), Miriam Pena-Pimentel, “Topic Maps in Philological and
Cultural Analysis”
4:05-4:30(EST), Robert Hamilton, “Visualizing Words in the Brain:
Using HPC to Analyze and Understand Brain Imaging Data”
4:30-4:55(EST), Juan Luis Suarez, “Virtual Laboratory for the Study of
Cultural Dynamics”

HPC in Digital Humanities Session at Research Day 2009 will be
broadcast online over AccessGrid,

The URL to SHARCNET venue server is https://agvs.sharcnet.ca:8000/Venues/default

Other consortia can join the AG session. From outside of SHARCNET, do
the following: 1) connect to SHARCNET AG Venue server using the URL
listed above; 2) In the Venue Server window, click ‘Tools’ to use ‘Use
Unicast’, then move mouse to Bridges to select ‘SHARCNET’; and 3) The
AG session will be in ‘Seminars’ room. To go to the Seminars room,
simple click ‘Seminars’ from the left side menu on the Venue window.


[Please do not reply to this message as I use this address for
communication that is susceptible to spambots. My regular email
address starts with my user handle sgs and uses the domain name


Dr. Stéfan Sinclair, Multimedia, McMaster University
Phone: 905.525.9140 x23930; Fax: 905.527.6793
    TSH-328, Communication Studies & Multimedia
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4M2

        Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 15:30:24 +0100
        From: "Bodard, Gabriel" <gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk>
        Subject: Digital Classicist seminar programme

Please find below the programme for the 2009 Digital Classicist seminar 
series, sponsored by the Institute for Classical Studies in London, and 
supported by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities and the Centre 
for e-Research (King's College London), and the British Library.

*Digital Classicist/ICS Work in Progress Seminar, Summer 2009*

Fridays at 16:30 in STB3/6 (Stewart House), Senate House, Malet Street, 
London, WC1E 7HU
(July 17th seminar in British Library, 96 Euston Rd, NW1 2DW)

June 5	Bart Van Beek (Leuven)
	Onomastics and Name-extraction in Graeco-Egyptian Papyri
June 12 Philip Murgatroyd (Birmingham)
	Starting out on the Journey to Manzikert: Agent-based
	modelling and Mediaeval warfare logistics
June 19 Gregory Crane (Perseus Project, Tufts)
	No Unmediated Analysis: Digital services constrain and
	enable both traditional and novel tasks
June 26 Marco Büchler & Annette Loos (Leipzig)
	Textual Re-use of Ancient Greek Texts: A case study on
	Plato’s works
July 3 	Roger Boyle & Kia Ng (Leeds)
	Extracting the Hidden: Paper Watermark Location
	and Identification
July 10 Cristina Vertan (Hamburg)
	Teuchos: An Online Knowledge-based Platform for
	Classical Philology
July 17	Christine Pappelau (Berlin) *NB: in British Library*
	Roman Spolia in 3D: High Resolution Leica 3D Laser-scanner
	meets ancient building structures
July 24 Elton Barker (Oxford)
	Herodotos Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive
July 31 Leif Isaksen (Southampton)
	Linking Archaeological Data
August 7 Alexandra Trachsel (Hamburg)
	An Online Edition of the Fragments of Demetrios of Skepsis


We are inviting both students and established researchers involved in 
the application of the digital humanities to the study of the ancient 
world to come and introduce their work. The focus of this seminar series 
is the interdisciplinary and collaborative work that results at the 
interface of expertise in Classics or Archaeology and Computer Science.

The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

For more information please contact Gabriel.Bodard at kcl.ac.uk, 
Stuart.Dunn at kcl.ac.uk, Juan.Garces at bl.uk, or Simon.Mahony at kcl.ac.uk, or 
see the seminar website at http://www.digitalclassicist.org/wip/wip2009.html

Dr Gabriel BODARD
(Epigrapher & Digital Classicist)

Centre for Computing in the Humanities
King's College London
26-29 Drury Lane
London WC2B 5RL
Email: gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 7848 1388
Fax: +44 (0)20 7848 2980


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