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        Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 21:09:09 -0400
        From: Stéfan_Sinclair <sgsinclair at gmail.com>
        Subject: Digital Humanities / High Performance Computing Session at Sharcnet Research Day 2009

Dear colleagues,

Please note the following event that may be of interest to anyone near
the University of Waterloo this coming Thursday. The even will also be
broadcast via Sharcnet's AccessGrid (see information below the
schedule or contact me directly if you're interested).

Digital Humanities / High Performance Computing Session at Sharcnet
Research Day 2009
Date 	Thursday May 21 2009
Time 	11:30 - 17:00
Location 	Hosted at University of Waterloo, Room AL-105, and to be
broadcast online over AccessGrid
URL 	http://www.sharcnet.ca/Events/RDay2009/

Room AL-105, Chair: Stéfan Sinclair

11:30-12noon(EST), Ray Siemens, “Computation and the History of the
Future of the Book”
12:10-12:30(EST), Stéfan Sinclair, “Web-based HPC: Oil and Water?”
3:40-4:05(EST), Miriam Pena-Pimentel, “Topic Maps in Philological and
Cultural Analysis”
4:05-4:30(EST), Robert Hamilton, “Visualizing Words in the Brain:
Using HPC to Analyze and Understand Brain Imaging Data”
4:30-4:55(EST), Juan Luis Suarez, “Virtual Laboratory for the Study of
Cultural Dynamics”

HPC in Digital Humanities Session at Research Day 2009 will be
broadcast online over AccessGrid,

The URL to SHARCNET venue server is https://agvs.sharcnet.ca:8000/Venues/default

Other consortia can join the AG session. From outside of SHARCNET, do
the following: 1) connect to SHARCNET AG Venue server using the URL
listed above; 2) In the Venue Server window, click ‘Tools’ to use ‘Use
Unicast’, then move mouse to Bridges to select ‘SHARCNET’; and 3) The
AG session will be in ‘Seminars’ room. To go to the Seminars room,
simple click ‘Seminars’ from the left side menu on the Venue window.


[Please do not reply to this message as I use this address for
communication that is susceptible to spambots. My regular email
address starts with my user handle sgs and uses the domain name


Dr. Stéfan Sinclair, Multimedia, McMaster University
Phone: 905.525.9140 x23930; Fax: 905.527.6793
    TSH-328, Communication Studies & Multimedia
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4M2

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