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        Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 09:39:34 -0500
        From: Maeve Reilly <mjreilly at illinois.edu>
        Subject: Join the iSchools

The iSchools (http://www.ischools.org) project represents a group of 
schools committed to the idea that expertise in all forms of information 
is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. 
This expertise includes understanding of the uses and users of 
information, and of the nature of information itself, as well as 
information technologies and their applications. 

Criteria for being recognized as an iSchool are not rigid, but schools 
are expected to have substantial sponsored research activity (an average 
of $1 million in research expenditures per year over three years), 
engagement in educating future researchers (usually through a 
research-oriented doctoral program), and a commitment to progress in the 
information field. 

Schools that share that commitment and meet the baseline characteristics 
will be represented on ischools.org, if they are willing to provide some 
basic documentation, and they will be assessed a modest annual 
administrative fee, currently $500. For that fee, the school will be 
able to contribute brief descriptions of students, faculty, research, 
and academic programs, and have the opportunity to feed RSS-based news 
items to the iSchools newsfeed aggregator. Heads of these schools will 
also have the opportunity to participate in email discussions, periodic 
conference calls, and other collaborative activities.  Leadership for 
the iSchools is provided by the iCaucus, which will include elected 
representatives from the iSchools.

More information on the iSchools can be found at www.ischools.org 

If you direct a program that is interested in iSchools membership, 
please contact Maeve Reilly at mjreilly at illinois.edu 
<mailto:mjreilly at illinois.edu>.

Maeve Reilly
iSchools communications coordinator
mjreilly at illinois.edu
(217) 244-7316

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