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        Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 07:30:16 +0200
        From: Frédéric Clavert <frederic at clavert.net>
        Subject: Contemporary history in the digital Age - 2nd Call for Paper

Call for contributions
‘Contemporary history in the digital age’
(Luxembourg, 15-16 October 2009)

> Deadline for applications: 30 May 2009

The University of Luxembourg (Master’s in Contemporary European
History) and the Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe
(CVCE) are organising a Symposium to be held in October 2009, whose
theme will be ‘Contemporary history in the digital age’.

The use of the computer and Internet in the methods, techniques and
work of historians is coming under ever-wider examination. However,
contemporary history as a subject has remained relatively detached
from the use of digital applications for academic purposes — excepting
word processing and electronic mail — and from those methodological
studies linked to it.

Nonetheless, information and communication technologies can offer a
number of possibilities to contemporary history studies in terms of
publication, the collection of primary and secondary sources,
networking, data visualisation, etc., not to forget that the Web is
itself becoming an archive. The application of digital technology to
the study of contemporary history is therefore destined to increase,
and our discipline certain to change drastically with it.

This Symposium will focus on a simple question, but one offering
complex answers: ‘Will the Web provide us with a better understanding
of history?’

The Symposium will bring together contributions and workshop
activities in three areas:

1. Contemporary history on the Web today: resources and tools;

2. Contemporary history on the Web today: methods and writing;

3. Contemporary history on the Web tomorrow: what will be the future
digital environment for researchers in contemporary history?

Keynote speakers will be Dan Cohen (CHNM), Marin Dacos (CNRS) and Gino
Roncaglia (Tuscia University).

> Requirements for applications

Candidates shall present a 500-word proposal for a contribution and a
200-word presentation on the main lines of their main research (ie
their next book, their PhD, etc). Texts may be submitted in French,
English, Italian or German and should be sent to Frédéric Clavert
(symposium at cvce.lu) before 30 May 2009 at the latest. Authors of
contributions that have been accepted will be contacted by 30 June
2009 at the latest. Incomplete files shall not be considered.

Proposals shall be examined by a committee of experts composed of

-       Marianne Backes (Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe),
-       René Leboutte (University of Luxembourg),
-       Serge Noiret (European University Institute, Florence),
-       Wolfgand Schmale (University of Vienna),
-       Seamus Ross (University of Toronto / University of Glasgow),
-       Yannick Maignien (TGE-Adonis).

Working languages shall be English and French. Proposals from
disciplines other than that of contemporary history cannot be
accepted. Contributions that have been accepted shall be published.

Travel, accommodation and meal expenses will be covered by the
organising bodies.

Further information available at: http://symposium.cvce.lu/

Frédéric CLAVERT
Docteur en histoire contemporaine
Département recherche et développement du contenu
frédéric.clavert at cvce.lu

La référence multimédia sur l'histoire de l'Europe: www.ena.lu

Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe (CVCE)
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L-4992 Sanem (Luxembourg)
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