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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 16:51:58 +0000
From: "John G. Keating" <John.Keating at nuim.ie>
Subject: Calling all Text Encoders!


As part of our ongoing efforts to understand text encoding, we are embarking
on a small case study that will investigate different approaches to encoding
a single text (a guestbook from a historically significant estate house
located in Ireland). We would like to invite text encoders to participate in
the study, by volunteering to encode 5 sample pages from the text. All
encoders will receive the same sample.

Participants will have the freedom to encode the text using any XML- based
approach that they consider to be appropriate. We are happy to answer any
questions about the text to help you with your encoding. Following
submission of your encoding, you will be invited to complete a short
questionnaire. All encodings and questionnaire responses will be fully

Ideally we would like to have participants return their encodings prior to
15 September 2009. We plan to disseminate the results of the study to the
text encoding community as soon as possible after this date.

Please email myself (john.keating at nuim.ie) or Aja Teehan
(aja.teehan at nuim.ie) for a preview page if you are interested in
participating. If you know someone who would like to participate, please
forward this message.

Best wishes,

Aja Teehan and John Keating.

Dr. John G. Keating, Associate DirectorAn Foras Feasa: The Institute for Research in Irish Historical and Cultural Traditions
National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, IRELAND

Email: john.keating at nuim.ie    Tel: +353 1 708 3854    FAX: +353 1 708

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